What Clicked in the Final League Match For KKR in IPL 2010?

Due to racist violence against Indian students in Australia and due to terror attacks on Sri Lankan players inside Pakistan the IPL management decided to axe these players from IPL 3.

This saw a retrograde public reaction. The PCB also placed a complaint against the IPL management with the ICC. The funniest part of the complaint is that how ICC can resolve matters related to a Private franchise that is owned by some individuals.

But the point is at least it is hoped now that the today’s ipl match live score Aussies wake up to the fact that innocent students cannot be killed and Pakistan wakes up the fact of being careful to provide enough security for players. Though the action inside Australia may be instigated by a few racially minded citizens, the killing of innocent students left much to be desired. At least now, by dropping the Aussie players from IPL 3, it is hoped that the Australian government and the citizens understand the effect of racial attacks against innocent students.

Let us be assured that the issue has been handled ethically by the IPL management. They do not have any vengeance or vendetta against a specific player in order to exclude them from participating in the cricket matches. This has been done only in the hope that the world will realize how painful it is to see a terror attack during a cricket game or hear news about the murder of yet another student in Australia.

Hopefully IPL 4 will see the reinclusion of these players and will also see reduction of violence in cricket and in general reduction of attacks against innocent Indian students in Australia.