Surya Shasthi Puja – The Worship of Sun God

“Surya Shasthi Puja” (otherwise called Chhath) comes later “Deepavali” on “Kartik Shukla Paksha Shasthi” which agrees with October-November. “Chhath Puja” will be performed on 24th October 2009 (in the current year). “Chhath” is commended two times in a year “Kartik Chhath” is more significant on the grounds that fasting is simple in this month. The subsequent event comes in the late spring season in March-April which is designated “Chaiti Chhath”. Waterless fasting is troublesome in the late spring season.

Sun, in Hindu religion, is imagined as a divinity who travels from east to west in his chariot pulled by seven white ponies. The ponies are the images of the seven bronze pooja items days of the week. A few world renowned sanctuaries were additionally developed out of appreciation for the Sun God. One such sanctuary is the Sun sanctuary at Konark close to Bhubaneshwar in Orissa which was developed by King Narasimhadeva in the thirteenth Century A.D.

It has been set up by logical exploration that all life in the biosphere and every one of the exercises in the biological system of the earth are driven by sun oriented energy. Subsequently, the Sun is the genuine driver of the naturally working life-emotionally supportive network. This the truth was acknowledged by the rishis and holy people of old India and they contrived strategy for offering admiration to the “Surya Dev” (Sun God) on the event of “Surya Shasthi Puja”.

“Chhath” is the main puja of the “Center Ganga Plains” in India. The principle states are Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. It has additionally spread to Jharkhand and bordering Chattishgarh and Madhya Pradesh. The Ganga plain is one of the thickly populated pieces of the nation and provincial specialists have relocated to metro urban areas looking for occupations. The extent of such transient laborers is exceptionally high in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. The traveler laborers either go to their local spot for “Chhath Puja” or notice it at their work environment.

At the point when individuals observe “Chhath Puja” in Delhi and Mumbai, it turns into a significant event for political pioneers to approach for getting sorted out and dealing with the undertakings of the festival watching out for the constituent votes of transient laborers. These practices have promoted “Chhath Puja” in the country.