Refrigerated Truck Repairs Require the Experts

TransAm Trucking is a refrigerated trucking carrier with terminals in Olathe, Kansas and Rockwell, Texas. TransAm Trucking currently operates a fleet of over 1,400 tractors and 2,400 reefer trailers. Refrigerated trailers also known as reefer trailers are used to carry climate-sensitive loads such as milk, meat, fruits, vegetables, yogurt, beer, frozen foods, flowers, pharmaceuticals and a host of other items. Refrigerated trailers look like dry van trailers from the outside. However, the inside of a refrigerated trailer is temperature controlled and heavily insulated to keep the freight from being compromised.

Drivers who haul refrigerated loads must be xe đông lạnh H150 careful to maintain the correct temperature for each load. They must be able to adjust the temperature to meet the needs of the specific cargo they are hauling. The requirements will vary based upon the type of cargo. Failure to maintain the correct temperature can result in the contents spoiling or being otherwise damaged.

Refrigerated vans can be used to haul dry van and temperature controlled freight. This is an advantage in the event there are no loads available which require temperature controlled trailers. In this case truck drivers can pick up dry van freight and simply turn the reefer unit off. That way the temperature in the trailer will be the same as other dry van trailers. This enables the driver to be able to haul dry freight when necessary.

New drivers are welcome to apply at TransAm Trucking. The primary requirement is that drivers must be at least 21 years old and have a valid Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). New drivers will receive additional paid on the job training. Generally, this includes one week of classroom training and three weeks driving on the road under the supervision of a trainer.

Experienced drivers are also welcome to apply. In addition to working as company drivers, opportunities for them to become independent contractors are available. Drivers wanting to become independent contractors can lease equipment through a lease purchase plan available through TransAm Leasing which is a subsidiary of TransAm Trucking.

A former TransAm Trucking truck driver when asked about his experience working for the company said one of the things he liked best was the quality of the tractors and trailers. According to this driver, TransAm Trucking uses high quality tractors, trailers and other equipment and maintains it very well. Another thing this driver liked about working for this company is the quality of the warehouses and docks he picked up from and delivered to. According to him the docks were in excellent condition. Most of the docks had good lighting and security. The warehouses which are basically huge refrigerators are very cold which requires that warehouse workers wear insulated suits. He found the dock workers to be pleasant and efficient at their jobs.