Prevention is Better Than Cure – Stop Alzheimer’s in Its Tracks With Hyperbaric Oxygenation

Is your diabetes getting worse? Know someone who has diabetes? The good news about it is that through developments in technology the treatment of diabetes has improved considerably especially in the area of monitoring the self on glucose. It is said that good glucose control reduces diabetes complications by 60 percent. 60 percent is a good number.

So what other ways can help you deal hyperbaric chamber cost with diabetes? One way of treating diabetes is to have hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a U.S. FDA approved alternative medication that is also being used to treat ADD/ADHD, Crohn’s disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. The therapy is very convenient since hyperbaric chambers are already out on the market for sale or for rent. Hyperbaric chambers because they come in two sizes, single and double bag can either be palced in your own bedroom or an office.

Another simple ways to treat diabetes is by monitoring your blood sugar regularly. This can be done by adjusting your diet, medication and exercise. Then patients with diabetes must also strictly stick to the monitoring protocol that has been described personally by their doctors. It is a general rule that blood is monitored before meals and at bedtime.

Then patients must also utilize blood testing. In previous years, it was urine testing that was common but now blood testing is more accurate. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about such developments.