In Kind Donation Fundraising Ideas – 5 Hot Cheerleading Fundraisers

If you want to arrange any special event at your school, remember healthy fundraising is not impossible. In fact there are more healthy fundraisers available than those that would be considered unhealthy. A healthy fundraising initiative deserves a strong support from the school as well as students. It accomplishes three things all at once: increases your health, raises money and support, and draws your school together as a team with the satisfaction of a mutual goal.

Fundraising doesn’t focus on selling products companies that give in-kind donations only, rather it brings all students under one roof to share their ideas and to have fun with interesting and healthy fundraising ideas like skating night, selling handmade items, or holding a fun event like a walk-a-thon. Just remember that the more unique the fundraiser and the more dedicated your group is, the more profit you will make!

So What Are a Few Healthy Fundraisers?

So your school has made the decision to be healthy and wants wonders where to start with ideas for fundraisers. There are tons of different ideas, but in this case, the more common ones are often the most successful. The key to good fundraising is to have fun and be exciting. A fundraiser that involves physical activity is always well-liked and attended. For instance, you could organize a walk-a-thon. This excellent idea not only is a fun event, but also assists to publicize the cause as kids interact with people for pledges. Walk-a-thons are more effective since a lot of visibility is gained when people notice the kids walking around town during the event. Here people become more aware and conscious about the school group’s need for funds and this prompts them to action.

Other healthy fundraising options might include a skating night at the local skating rink. Kids love to skate and the rink operator will love the traffic. Another fundraising activity could be holding a movie night. With students participation and tireless effort, hosting a movie night can easily benefit a group’s fundraising efforts. Movie night once or twice a month will offer a safe hangout for students with a perfect fundraising opportunity. However, you need to create the right ambiance with comfortable with good seating arrangements and good projectors. Some volunteers will need to manage the ticket checking department, while others are needed to promote the event as well as to help make the movie choices.

Finally, if you are ready to try a super-healthy fundraising option that is also a lot of fun, consider holding a farmers’ market type event at your school. Asking permission to set up stalls, you can easily engage yourself in selling items like fresh fruits and vegetables along with some other off-beat items including candles, gift wraps, cards, coupon books, magazines, or cook books in your school premises. Everyone will love and join eagerly in such a unique and creative event.

Let’s Sum Up

Healthy fundraisers are always a good way to earn some support for your school as well as have a great time. The community will always appreciate a fundraiser that includes exercise, healthy foods, or safe events for kids and teens. So give one of these fantastic ideas a try and see for yourself the benefits of healthy fundraising!