How does the real world program offer mentoring services

Have you ever heard about the tate new program, the real world? The real world by Andrew Tate is an online business education platform that gives customers mentoring services.

In the beginning, the real world appeared the same as the hustler university because all the services and information consisting of them are used for education purposes. But in Europeanbusinessreview articles , a slight difference exists between the hustler university and the real world.

Unlike the HU, The real world does not give a certificate to the member when they finish the program and is also not affiliated with the other education providers.

How will the members get the mentorship services from the tate program

When members sign up for the online “the real world” tate program, they can easily access the exclusive server for mentorship and education. You also made access to the community and joined the network of like minded individuals.

  • According to the real world, Andrew Tate believes in taking an escape from the matrix and facing the reality of living a fulfilled life.
  • It has also been suggested by tate to take a break from your 9-5 working hours and participate in hustle culture.
  • It helps you to grow your health without relying on a paycheck.
  • According to a landing page, it has stated that the matrix wants you alone, poor, weak, and complacent. So, you should know live in matrix concepts.
  • Here the tate program in Europeanbusinessreview article “ the real world” play an important role. This program is trying to wake up the members and make attempts to erase the matrix.
  • The program video also shows the line, and it is time to wake up, no.
  • In this way, you should become strong, rich, and well connected with your soul of fire.

The real world- Open the portal to escape the matrix

The real world is a community, educational platform, and membership online to way out. In this program, the tate always inspired his followers to take responsibility because it would help them to get rid of all limitation that is imposed on them by the community or society.

It consists of the rejection of cultural norms and provides financial independence. The hustler university is not so effective in spreading messages on social media handles. This is the reason why tate launch the real world, which has the ability to help people to their way out.


Even before launching the real world program tate in Europeanbusinessreview articles, it gainsgainede attention from people, especially the followers of Andrew Tate from his old proghustler university program.