Different kinds of operating conditions and operation methods of electric heaters

Electric heater is a metal tube as a housing, along the center axial homogeneous spiral electric hot alloy wire (nickel-chromium, iron chromium alloy) in the tube, has good insulated thermal conductivity, magnesium oxide sand, nozzle. The end of silica gel or ceramic is sealed, which can heat the air, metal molds, and various liquids. There are many types of electric heaters and is widely used. The crawler electric heater is also known internationally, it is called the flexible electric heater. Its crawler electric heater uses high-quality nickel-chromium alloy wire, jacket high-purity alumina ceramic insulating parts made into crawler or rope heaters and other product forms. . The crawler electric heater can be made according to the shape, size of the workpiece, can be spliced, bent, wrapped in the workpiece heating, and the surface high temperature can reach 1050 ° C. It has the characteristics of wide range of use, fast temperature rise, high heat utilization, significant energy saving, low labor intensity, convenient operation. Suitable for various metal components, such as large tower, high-pressure vessels, bridges, high pressure pipes, and post-welding, follow-up stress, can also be used in chemical pipes, containers, etc., is an ideal local heating device. The long width dimensions can be flexible to change the production of crawled electric heaters, should be selected by the geometric shape, wall thickness and heat treatment process requirements to select the corresponding specification. In addition, the track-type electric heater can also be equipped with an insulation material and a housing, which can be self-holding heaters whose shape can be a flat plate, a right angle, or the like for easy use. Track-type electric heater uses room heater
electric heater to convert electrical energy to thermal energy, due to its low price, easy to use, easy to install, no pollution, is widely used in various heating situations, frame heaters The service life is very long, and the usual design life has more than 10,000 hours. Classification of electric heaters for crawler electric heating tube: oven with heat sink electric heater, sauna electric heater, steaming machine water tank electric heater, fastener mount electric boiler electric heater, flange mount electric heating Boiler electric heater, air electric heater, liquid electric heater, boiler electric heater. The crawler electric heater has the advantages of installation spirit, high temperature resistance, fast heat transfer, good insulation, unproduction, and specifications. The track-type electric heater is made of a stainless steel skin, and there is a highly insulated refractory ceramic to penetrate the resistance wire, and then use the mechanical stranding, and the power is turned on. Thermal efficiency can reach more than 90%, which is 1.5 times the PTC heater, which is 2 times that of the conventional electric heater, saving 30% energy and electricity expenditure. It can radiate far infrared and radiant heat, which is as high as 91%. It is not bursting with water, acid and alkali, suitable for harsh environments. Crawler electric heater is between 5 and 40 degrees Celsius. There is no conductive dust, explosive gas and corrosive gases that can seriously destroy metal and insulated.