This is the first time I've written anything in French.


Two women are singing.

Lowell gently put his arms around Mohammad.

Everything is so strange.

I'm sorry, I have no idea.

I think you're interesting.

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Tell me you're not serious!


The lion ripped the flesh from the dead giraffe.

This is the same pencil that I lost the other day.

Ning can speak French better than the rest of us.

They rarely ever wake up this early.

Henry will become an adult this March.

2015 is the year of the wood sheep.

We traveled to Mexico by plane.

Don't go to sleep with the light on.

Why did you ask her to give you her picture?

How can you want to be my friend? Can't you see that I'm a wretch?

I know Daniele is sleeping.

That's all that mattered.

I'm going to my grandmother's.

If you don't want to stay, you don't have to.

Let's play some blues.

You can't really shoot your own dog, can you?

Kuldip does everything in such a roundabout way.

Rudy left through the back door.

I don't know what the next step is.


Juliet took a swig of rum.

Where are our seats?

I think Manolis didn't understand you.

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I have to take it.

That might have been true.

Seen from a distance, this mountain looks like Mt. Fuji.

That's water off a duck's back.

That isn't actually what I meant.

I know you love him.

What is ISIS?


I tumbled on the truth by the merest accident, when I'd pretty nearly chucked the whole job.


Maybe you were followed.

I'm not sure that's a good idea.

Bart doesn't need money.


I spend a lot of time listening to the radio.

He studied art in Germany.

He couldn't act his way out of a paper bag.

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Kate was willing to give it a try.

Be careful when you cross the street.

I can't do my job without a computer.

You're hurting him.

The new international airport really put Narita on the map.

I caught a glimpse of him.

China has had the fastest economic growth rate in the world in the last decade.

I should say he is a little angry.

Take two capsules after a meal.

How does Clare know what Eddy asked John?

We have to stay quiet.


You're taunting me.

I'm so happy you came.

I hope she's okay.


It is no use studying when you are sleepy.

Sanand is a good-looking woman.

I caught them.

You should make sure that you don't make Lukas angry.

I'm never gonna intentionally get drunk.


He pulled with all his strength but the rock would not move.

I opened all my suitcases.

Ira asked for three days off.

She broke my heart.

Never compare your wife to another woman.

I can speak for myself.

He is majoring in physics.

Our family name will be ruined if Matthias is convicted.

I don't know my father's annual income.

This room is too dark.

She become seasick in rough seas.

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What do you mean you don't know?!

We're spending Christmas Eve at our grown daughter's house.

Japan maintains friendly relations with the United States.


I don't blame you for that.


Ramsey moved back home.


He's studying French and web design.


I went to the room.

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I like reading by daylight.

I am reckless.

I can tell you cared about them.


For God's sake, tomorrow's left behind.

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The band sounds different this time.


He shaped the statue from clay.

Brooke went to community college.

My Internet connection is slow.

Tell them it's not my fault.

They are in favor of the proposition.

Did you see anybody there?

My sister went to Italy to study music.

What did he do with it?

It's a pretty house.


From behind the fridge, a roach comes out.

If the sun were to rise in the west, I would not break my word.

I feel so lonely.

What are you lining up for?

When we were small, father used to read us moving stories.

Please take me to him.

It runs deeper than that.

That's it! I've had it.

I have the right to say what I think.

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I have my fingers crossed.

Please phone me before you come.

Has anybody come?


One night a merchant was walking up the slope on his way home.

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What nonsense are you talking now?


The predictive power of this theory has been demonstrated time and time again.

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You arrived three days ago.


What a nice looking car!

I rent a car from my friend.

Demand for imported cars is increasing due to lower prices.

Did Stagger let Thomas drive his car?

We're looking forward to that.


Claudia doesn't want to take advice from Beckie.

Clarence forgot to pay his phone bill.

I was eating something.


I've never asked you this before, but are you religious?

Put more salt in the soup.

When was the last time you upset your father?

If I had wings to fly, I would have gone to save her.

A boy of seventeen is often as tall as his father.


I'll wait for you in the lobby.

The is dating someone at the hospital.

I desire this telephone.


Scotland's anthem is called "The Flower of Scotland".

He is not more than eighteen.

Electric illuminations add to the attraction at night.

Do you have enough money to buy what you need?

She declared that she was right.

Shawn made you cry, didn't he?

What else could one do but remove it?

In 1912, the Austrian tailor Franz Reichelt died jumping off the first floor of the Eiffel Tower while trying out his new invention, the parachute coat, which did not work...

Every morning that woman used to go to the beach and run three miles.

"I'm soaked with sweat.' "Step back. You stink!"

I knew what you meant.

Sometimes, I think too much.

I will leave tomorrow, in any event.

How do you put up with the noise?

I wasted away to skin and bone.


You have no idea how uncomfortable these shoes are.

Eli is learning how to drive a car.

No one's blaming you.

Is the tap water in Australia drinkable?

I can't understand her.

These days, when people emigrate, it is not so much in search of sunshine, or food, or even servants.

He is the taller of the two.

It's easier for the rich to get richer.

Not everything Vilhelm told you is true.

He asked me when I was going to buy a new car.

Do you have a retirement plan?

Let him play your guitar.

I'm still thinking about them.


She lives in the bad part of town.


He is no ordinary man.

He is no good as a lawyer.

The printer doesn't work.

Can you advise me?

What position does Vick play?

Pieter didn't have much to say.

Loukas doesn't need to go.

Nanda held the door for Mariou.

Rossini covered himself with several blankets while he compose his operas.