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Start accepting Mastercard, Visa, Verve and Bank payments from your customers anywhere in the World.

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All the tools you'll need

PayPack gives you a safe and secure payment platform for paying and getting paid.

Receive Payments

Start receiving payments in minutes from your customers anywhere in the world.

Money transfer

Send instant payments to millions of bank accounts in countries across Africa.

Recurring Payments

Never miss a payment again! Receive and Manage subscription and recurring payments easily.


Create comprehensive business invoices, send to clients and get paid + automatic reminders.

Batch Payouts

Upload records and process bulk payments from your dashboard with instant remittance.

Smart POS

Get a Smart POS (Software and Hardware) for use in store, online and mobile.

Next Day Settlements

Receive your funds automatically paid to your Bank account the next day free of charge.


End-to-end transaction encryption and in-built fraud prevention + PCIDSS Compliance.


Get your comprehensive and intelligent reports with detailed insights on your transactions.


Pocket friendly pricing

With our simple and pocket friendly pricing, you only pay for your successful transactions. The maximum fee you will ever pay is capped at ₦2000.


1.5% + ₦85 No ₦85 fee on transactions under ₦2500. Local Transactions
  • ₦2000 Maximum fee
  • ₦50 fee for Transfers
  • Automatic payouts within 24 hours
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Ideal for startups, SMEs, Big businesses and Gov't agencies.

Let's make payments easier for you and your customers

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