What did you say to her?

Our clients are the most important to us.

I'm favouring my left leg today.

I want to execute the plan by all means.

You look very charming today.

Paula is taking this hard.

You'll improve with practice.

Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to say a few words of welcome.

They think that Brendan must have killed Spass and then killed himself.

I'm beginning to get sleepy.

Hackers find new ways of infiltrating private or public networks.


It was not a pleasant experience.

You must see to it that the cakes do not burn.

She went into her room to change her dress.


Are you going to the shop? Will you buy me a toy?

What a shock!

I didn't know what was in the envelope.

We shouldn't have done that.

I spent most of the day in bed.

He gave a big yawn!

Dan found the password to Linda's computer.

Aren't you up past your bedtime?

She will come even if she is tired.


Samuel just stood there watching everybody eat.


Tony is a fast runner.


It was just a hookup.

I would hope that my teachers were eager to work.

I went to his place straight away.


Yo, check out this bling bling!

The last thing I'd ever want to do is hurt Pradeep.

Rich as she is, she is not happy.

Riding in a Ferris wheel is my favorite thing to do.

Val's phone rang, but he ignored it.

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I've never seen one, except on Wikipedia.

Roxie followed Shakil into the kitchen.

It doesn't seem that big.

No one has heard about this.

They seemed to be watching something.

Benson was sure he would find another job.

I don't know when I can get away.

The company accepted his application.

She writes to her pen pal in London twice a month.


I could sure use your help right now.


What can we do?

Get out of my bed.

Hey, Molly, why don't you come?

I don't like guys like Alain.

I can't remember what I had to eat yesterday.

I'm not free.

There are four seasons in this country.

Elisabeth is terribly funny.

Tell him to write me.


Do you love music?


Peggy doesn't like it when Bruno cracks her knuckles.

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Michael is something of a musician.


I can remember when you were just a little girl.


In culture, they are on the same plane as savages.

The surgeon who operated on Linley is very experienced and highly regarded.

I was gonna go shopping tomorrow, but I really can't be bothered.

A portrait was hung on the wall.

He came from a tiny mountain town.

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As is usual with him Mike was late for the meeting this afternoon.

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They said they fired me because I'm fat.

Connie asked me when I would be going to Australia.

Can I see your hands?

I exacerbated the problem.

For several days she flew steadily south, resting from time to time when her wings grew tired.


Don't do that anymore.

Father used to tell us not to envy others.

Nicolette nodded nervously.


The widespread application of administrative guidance is considered to be a uniquely Japanese practice in which bureaucrats exert authority, without any legal backing, telling the private sector what to do and what not to do.


Judging from the look of the sky, it is going to snow.

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I've got to get her home.

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Giving up what you want is hard, but sometimes we have no other choice.

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We can do without a television, can't we?


Do you know where to find them?

Who knows!

Their job is done.

He was given a book by me.

It could go either way.


The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments.

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He's rotten to the core.

All he wants is power to advance the agenda of a small group of vengeful geeks.

He did not buy it after all.


Don't buy me any more presents!

"May I speak to Mr Nakagawa?" "Speaking."

I've stopped paying attention to arrogant, materialistic and unpleasant people.

If you don't want to go, fine.

Do you like only the boys?

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Did you spend the night at the haunted house?

I'll meet to you at eight.

Do you know the right words?

You've discovered my secret.

Don't let them hurt Antonio.

I disposed of my old coat.

I suppose you'll let Miltos go.


Sassan is a ruffian.


American southerners speak in a drawling voice.

We have some pressing issues to deal with at the moment.

You just don't get it, Cathryn.

A clever student would not do such a thing.

It is a stunning exhibition on wellness and holistic healing from awe-inspiring India.

Roxanne didn't complain once.

Who disagreed?


Have you already chosen?

Do you know how you're going to stall Pilot?

Forget about that.

The reason Leung got sick was because he overate.

I often receive letters from her.


It will not be long before we meet again.

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I took a bus so as not to be late for my appointment.

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

A wooden building can easily catch fire.


Stacy dialed 911.

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The city is built on lowland.


Would you like soup or salad as a side dish?

I'm only trying to help.

Watermelon tastes delicious on a hot day.

Syd often wears corduroys.

Tell Orville to stay out of my house.

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When did you start studying English?


You'd better be ready.


Not all things that happen happen on this world.

I've taken care of it.

Brush your teeth twice a day at least.

The children didn't like the film.

Charlie is manipulating you.


All the resuscitation efforts have failed.

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It's as easy as pie for him.

Ramesh is going to have to start saving money.

Nothing makes Danielle happy.

The plant supervisor said to his crew, "Let's knock off for lunch."

The dog gave his leg a mean bite.

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The work should be finished.

We must not let them infiltrate our network.

What kind of sandwich do you want?

Should I be worried about them?

She made that offer by way of thanks.


Bobbie hasn't shaved her legs in three years.

There are so many people at this concert.

"Do you need something?" "Yes, I need to talk to you."

He just smiled.

No one can help us.

I didn't know that would happen.

He is weak in English.


Teaching English is his profession.

Thrift is alien to my nature.

Wendy kept shoveling.

Remember to post the letters tomorrow.

I started this topic.

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The boy seems to be an expert on plants.

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Lorenzo is going to have to live with what he did.

Snacks will be served.

What's this used for?