I have no desire to hurt you.

We broke up and went our own ways.

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I realise that you are the second authority in Europe.

She was, unlike her daughter, of small stature and her body was fat on the sides. It was as if a human head had been fitted unto the body of a pig.

Keep it brief.

We need your help on this.

Jelske was troubled.


He is able to do it better than I am.

You're the captain.

Let's sit here until the sun sets.


I was looking for a hotel, when I saw you.


They caught me with my pants down.

You must go to school.

He thinks he is an Edison.

There were a lot of Australian teachers at the English conversation school I went to previously.

Thanks, I'll delete it then.

You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts.

She may have been surprised when she heard the news.


I have been to the airport to see my father off.

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You are a guru at this.


It sounds like somebody has a case of the Mondays.

That's a waste of time and money.

That's a good story.

The committee killed the bill.

They are engaged in cancer research.

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I'll share them with you.

You may have to help her.

I have something I need to tell you.

Because we're worth it.

Did they explain any new topics?

Do you drink diet soda?

Joy was mingled with sorrow.

Emmett isn't still sleeping, is he?

He doesn't do it.

There is a sleuth under us.

Taping a woman's wrists together is not first date activity.

Not a day goes by without our hearing of an environmental problem.

Brett lives in a very big mansion.

We're being paid by the hour.

Kylo doesn't make mistakes.


I checked with her.

Rob drives fast.

Why am I alive?


I wish I had been with you then.

He certainly could have helped me, but didn't.

What happened in the park?


I've been hoping someone would drop by.


I must watch a documentary.

"I'll give you twenty bucks for it." "Nothing doing. Thirty dollars; take it or leave it." "Fine, then I guess I'll take my business elsewhere."

Do you live with someone?

Are you sure you can drive a truck this big?

Fritz is the kind of guy lots of people just don't like.

She eats but little flesh of any kind.

How could you have been so stupid?


You should have told him about it while he was here.

I wonder if you received my e-mail on January 10, since I have not heard anything from you yet.

I'm never angry without reason.

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She was at once frank and honest.

I gave my vote to Ken.

Marilyn doesn't like being asked to give to charity.

Please, don't be noisy.

Won't you have some more coffee?

What was she thinking when she came to tell me that?

Hans didn't much like it.


Dan didn't even deserve the nomination.

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You're not safe.

The young men of the neighborhood were collecting branches and brushwood under the oak trees.

No student in our class is smarter than Kate.

He has played his card out of turn.

Juan was there before anyone else.

I'm tired of this monotonous life.

Did you go to the shop?


Lindsay gave this to me before he died.

You can drink water, but you can also let it walk.

Mikael lit a candle.

Do you know how to read and write?

Blessed are the pure in heart.


Sanjeev is a good student.


The wind ripped the roof off our building.

Please explain why you can't come.

I didn't know how to do it.

I'll make a note of that.

Why should I help them?

I want my children to graduate from high school.

Terrence has done everything.

I was with them.

We ate lunch early.


Even with all his wealth and fame, he's unhappy.


Ruben has three sons.

We considered the report as false.

I'm off to give him a piece of my mind.

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That story made me think over the future of Tokyo.

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Rajeev knows that I used to live in Boston.


They bought a house in Connemara last year.


I cannot run faster than he.

I'm here to listen.

I often play soccer after class.

Where are the suitcases?

Do you need this book?

He can fix the heater.

Malloy is disobedient and rebellious.

The man is intelligent and industrious.

Life is a bitch.


This is a volatile gas.

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Are you that stupid?

Micky sat down on the step.

He mixes up words, so his letter is full of blunders.


I'm sure everyone understood.


You are not even man enough to admit your fault.


Is English harder than Japanese?

The train pulled out exactly on time.

I won't let you boss me around anymore.

An old husband has a wife too much younger than him.

Ami didn't need to buy that book.


We'll convince him.

The company decided to skimp on the quality of its products to boost the profit margin.

Kristen couldn't believe his ears.


I can't believe your mom made you wear that.

Go straight up the street for about 100 meters, and you will get to the junction of three roads.

I'll play tennis this evening.

Do you like to gamble?

The Senate drafted a resolution.


Dick caught me by surprise.

I really can't talk about this.

Lin is family.

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Why don't you work harder?

I know a good divorce lawyer if you need one.

Penny no longer seems to care.

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They established official relations in 1979.

Mechael's dog hated me.

God's not dead, He's surely alive. He's living on the inside, roaring like a lion.

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Let me give you something to think about.

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The sweetness of Interlingua was more suited to my poetic vision.

As a rule, I don't drink coffee.

I'm always confusing John with Paul.

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I'll pay later.

It would be presumptuous to call myself his replacement, but I could offer some guidance.

Shut up or I'll give you a fat lip!

Damon was convicted in 2013.

Betty can bench press 2000 pounds. Or is that 200 pounds?

She is not quite content.

Take your business elsewhere.

Could you get me a glass of water?

Jin met Wilson by chance on his way home from school.

Life is a short walk before eternal sleep.

I think that she doesn't want to eat any more.

He tried to memorize the conversation.

The poor girl went blind.


I just want to ask you a question.

We should really sit down and talk.

We might be able to help Sri.

You didn't give Julianto a chance.

Take a taxi. It will arrive in five minutes.


You hate secrets, don't you?

Jiro made a sketch of Mt. Fuji.

I told myself that that was a good idea.


She shops at a local grocer.

Everyone began to laugh.

I've been waiting for hours.