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I'll replace Nigel.

I have to deal with this now.

Some important geometric shapes are the triangle, the square, the rectangle, the circle, the parallelogram and the trapezium.

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Ethiopia is called "Ityop'ia" in Amharic.

The general strike paralyzed the whole country.

I'm hurt.

Mahmoud's brilliant.

I find her very impressive.

Where did you crucify them?

We all know that Avery didn't do that.


Take some money just in case you need it.

Can you smell anything?

Who do we see next?

Ginny was popular.

We used to be engaged.

I just never noticed it before.

I had to leave.

That's a hard one.

It was I who spoke with the Polish ambassador.

Price eventually called Griff back.

Who's the guy in the mask?


Dwight doesn't even live in Boston anymore.


Do you know anything about cars?


May comes after April.

It was worse.

What does he do for our town?

I know I'm going to run out.

Who's your guidance counselor?

I didn't say I agreed.

We'll do our best.

If you still don't know about the project, enter to our site for more information.

He behaves as if he were insane.


Laughing My Ass Off

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He always imposes his opinion on me.

A horrible thing happened here.

Galen asked Charley to tell him why she was leaving him.


She blamed her failure on bad luck.

The line stretched down the block and around the corner.

You should stay in the hospital for treatment.

There was once a merchant, so rich that he might have paved the whole street where he lived and an alley besides with pieces of silver.

How was the movie?

Caribou eat almost only lichen during the winter.

Jagath is getting weaker by the hour.

I asked them to help out today.

I'm feeling uneasy.

I'll see you inside.

Remain alert.

You're the best at what you do.

I wonder why you never got married.

He left without saying goodbye.

We were quite shocked by her sudden death.

Get up out of bed.

Betsy bought three dozen eggs.

This has to stop.

My oldest brother lives in a small village.

Where did you say that happened?

We joined the navy after finishing college.


The students held the male student down and cut his hair with a pair of scissors.

I don't think she is fit for the job.

We deliberated whether we should cancel the reservation.

Anyone who creates hassle should leave.

He was so tired that he fell right to sleep.

It's amazing that Sigurd survived.

I watch the news every evening.

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They went to Paris by way of Calais.

We're not home right now.

We have an important matter to discuss.

I've got a dangerous situation here.

It's five and you're still not in bed! You just came back from the bar, didn't you?

Let me make my stand clearer.

I should take him with me.

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I think he is forty years old.

Philip put on his new shoes.

Thank you for accepting me.

Micky almost started to cry.

Four multiplied by two is eight.


The north wind blew all day.

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Tasmania belongs to Australia.


My name is very rare in our country.


She'll be available around four o'clock.


I just wanted to stop by and say thanks.

I love watching movies.

Do you have any aspirin on you?

Does anyone know the Japanese language?

I hope to see you again the next time you're in Boston.

Why don't you get this one?

You'll be in trouble.

Dorothy is eating breakfast alone in the kitchen.

The store changed hands at the end of last summer.

The teachers teach all day long.

My name is James.

Many poets write about the beauties of nature.

It is fun to translate sentences!

This chimney has begun to draw badly.

Charles wanted me to keep it quiet until he talked to Raphael.


Are you planning something?

What made you ask us that?

What you're doing is unforgivable.


Are you a new student?

I had never been so scared before.

You're lucky that my dog didn't bite you.

I'm not as talkative as you.

You can go.

Little fish are swimming in the aquarium.

The question is how long.

Judge peed on me!

I never liked biology.

Everybody is very busy.

It won't take long to read that book.

I saw Jesper blush.

Jeannette didn't have any reason why he couldn't go.

Urs doesn't need to do anything he doesn't want to.

I will not be able to fit in with the city life.

When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.

You're worth less than nothing.

He managed to escape through a window.

The size of the universe is unimaginable.


There are currently more open apprentice positions than applicants.

But whoever lives by the truth come into the right.

What do you think it says?


Jwahar goes to school with my son.

Presley's eyes widened in surprise.

Let's hope Bonnie is wrong.

His opinion is free from prejudice.

Look, I told you Jacques is a friend of mine.

I didn't expect to see you.

Do you know his brother?

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Let's let the boy try.

I told Claudio I had to leave early.

I didn't know who to give it to.

My grandfather's picture is on the wall.

To tell the truth, that film was not very interesting to me.


Floyd needs to buy a gift for Gary.

That's just what I want.

Jesper lives just down the street from Trent.

Narendra wanted to help Sanjib pick up chestnuts.

Being happy always reminded her of her loss.

No other river in Japan is longer than the Shinano.

He is, indeed, a man of his word.

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I should've trained Luis myself.


What did Val say he was looking for?

Raja and Nhan both have black hair.

I knew my dad worked hard.

He has very bad handwriting.

I'm going to go with Carl.

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Don't run around the house.

Reinhard has loved Sekar for a long time.

I myself did it.

His brother is a famous soccer player.

She ran outside half-naked.

We're not going to do anything crazy.

It's a holiday tradition.

Everybody knows that happiness is in contentment.

Don't talk to me!

As long as you're here, I'll stay.

I work terrible hours.


I can't keep living like this.

Thanks for driving me here.

We can't leave her here.


Hector was hiding behind the curtain.

Are you content?

We have to start doing that.


I had a lot of gumption when I was young, but now it seems to have all petered out.

He was young.

I can't believe that someone who's supposed to be my friend would say things like that about me.

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She hasn't done her homework yet.

Miek thought about reaching for his gun, but decided not to.

To her disappointment, his letter didn't come.


Mr.Tanaka was hired as a salesman.