She's young and energetic.

Show me your bruise.

Please let me take a day off tomorrow.


This road connects the two cities.

You can't arrest me for being a clown.

Let's put that on hold.

He doesn't even care that I'm here.

I tried to apologize, but the words stuck in my throat.

It's no use complaining.

Panicking won't help.

We can't stop you.

We'll have to do better from now on.

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Books occupy most of his room.

The children were amusing themselves with dolls.

You were jealous.

He is very thorough about everything.

Your room is big.

My mind is made up.

I have dry skin.

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It was last week that John bought a second-hand car.

Why do I have to answer these questions?

I have a telephone in my room.

However, if he is brain-dead, he will never think, speak, or hear again.

I was definitely surprised.

How was the meeting?

There are almost seven billion people in the world.

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Need he go right now?


We still aren't the ones who make the decisions here.


Why would anyone want to swim in this river?

Do you watch "Ping and Jerry"?

Can you contact me?


Calvin is my copilot.


There's no use crying and complaining. Try to be content with what you have.

He can run faster than I can.

Don't look so hurt.

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They don't like cats.

Ronni has lost some weight.

Ariel encouraged me to try again.

It's strange that other languages don't really distinguish plants which we ourselves consider totally different.

It is another story now.

At first, it is difficult.

It has become evident that this is a very favorable factor for our project, which aims precisely at creating a network of translations in as many languages as possible in joint work.

Thanks for calling, Spencer.

Winnie used to date Don.

We won't tell.

Larry wants me to be his girlfriend.

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Do you speak French every day?

Jinchao couldn't see Ramsey's face.

You had better enter the hospital.

Why did you text me last night?

You did not need to come so early.


That was a lie.


Violets and lavenders do not need much sunlight; they grow better in the shade.

She misses him.

I just saw a few snowflakes.


I heard what happened.


What he did was nothing less than madness.

Have you ever listened to such a good music?

Nobody knew.

I often help Sundar do his homework.

Are you the one who asked Alison to help?


Have you ever wanted to make a comment, but posted it as a translation by mistake?


I think I'm really in love for the first time.

Are they your relatives?

I've been in that line of work for five years.

She fell totally in love with him.

I am married to a Polish woman.

The love letter ought to have reached her.

He took a book off the shelf.


You should work in the interests of humanity.

Juliane kept his eyes shut.

I worked on Mr Wood's farm when I was young.

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All we can do now is wait and see what Lui does.

I bought things I didn't need again.

It's the portrait of misery.

My brother's in Australia now.

Deborah is disappointed.


Ronni put the bird back in its cage.

We'd never survive another attack.

Hubert promised to be here before 2:30 a.m.

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What's Charlie talking about?

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When did the robbery take place?

Why don't we break for lunch?

Business people exchange cards at the beginning or end of a meeting.

The city of Boston has one of the best children's hospitals in the United States.

I told Jeannie to leave you alone.

Eddy doesn't know that I have a cat.

My mother is busy in the kitchen.


Thomas hurried away so as to be in time for the train.


Jef made a bad judgment call.


Gentlemen, I'd like to propose a toast.

She loves bone marrow.

Should I do that?


The pilot hinted that it might be a UFO.

Hui was very much involved in his work.

Said the dentist: "Now open your mouth and clench your teeth."

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Tigger hardly ever speaks to us anymore.

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He is cutting down trees on a mountain.


I simply haven't the time to do everything I want to do.

You can have any you want.

He accused me of his defeat.


I am a hungry spider.

I still need to know why you weren't here yesterday.

What with overwork and lack of nourishment, he became very ill.

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You're happy here, aren't you?

There was a slight chill in the air.

The boy went down the river on a raft.


Be quiet so I can get some sleep.

I've made my position clear.

Thierry can't believe Suresh let herself get caught.

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The world is changing fast.


I think it's time for me to ask for directions.

I can't let her go alone.

Any wristwatch is fine if it's not too expensive.


David believes that Radek is innocent.

I hope you know that.

Did you see a brown wallet around here?


Thou hast wounded my heart with one of thy eyes, and with one hair of thy neck.

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I want to be like him.

Teruyuki is drinking directly from the faucet.

I went to a Catholic school.

I had to work hard when I was young.

He was wearing a dinner jacket.


They knew how much danger they were in.

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"Yes, I am Brazilian. No, I don't like carnival."

The streetcar was packed.

The country's economy is about to collapse.

I don't trust you either.

My vodka is strong.

This camera is the one that Chris bought last Thursday.

Margaret is very messy.

What would you do if I died?!

We now have only one week left in the UK before we fly home to Australia.

He is helping this lady enter her car.

He drank a bottle of wine.

I have a friend who has a house in Boston.

I'd like to say it's been fun being here, but it hasn't.

Once you have formed a bad habit, you can't get rid of it easily.

When the bartender totals the bill for a customer who is drunk and angry, he must be very careful to mind his P's and Q's.

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Stanly seems to be getting nervous.


I thought it looked suspicious.

Smoke was coming out of Kurt's room.

My eyes keep burning.

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She answered through tears.


I've been trying to reach you.


Trade friction might arise between the two nations at any moment.

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Carefully, the woman counted the money, and then said, "But you're still missing the 0.99."

Do you know where Ric has been the past three weeks?

I like steak rare, but not this rare.

His code's readability drowned in a riptide of nested parentheses.

I didn't find anything I wanted.


This is the job you've been waiting for.

Jin was a bit late.

"Do you hate me?" "No." "So do you love me?" "Why are you asking?"