As was expected, he won the prize.

I washed the car.


He put the spider in a terrarium.


He is a man of great credit in our city.

Could anything be more romantic?

Do you think we should do something to help?

Excuse me, but could you do me a favor?

He doesn't read many newspapers.

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If you don't want to come, you don't have to.


Yarn bombing is the practice of covering objects or trees with knitted yarn.

Saul and Junior's father are not big fans of Fetty Wap's music, even claiming that he's "ruined rap forever", meanwhile; Junior absolutely loves his music.

You mill mine, and I'll mill the village chief's.

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All that has happened before, and will happen again.

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When does the plane leave?

Don't write in ink.

I'm so hungry, I ate it.

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This is the best dictionary that I have.

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I'm sorry, but I can't resist.

Juliane is going to pick me up after school.

In case you sleep, set the alarm.

What were you two doing there? I thought that you were supposed to be in Boston.

Did someone find out about us?

Everyone is talking about me.

Do you need anything else?

Christopher Columbus once cut himself with a knife. It made him so angry that he then cut the knife... with himself.

Betty fell in love with Ami and killed him.

We may as well wait.

I am Gregor.

Del has been in Boston since last Monday.

Was there ever a choice?


Monday was appointed as the day for the next meeting.

Don't speak French to me.

Even though I knew that the chances are small, I never gave up.

You're a powerful woman!

I don't know what you want.

Myrick wants a telescope.

John is very proud of his new house.

They were singing.

He asked for a pay raise.

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Ti is a good friend.

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I was at ease after all the exams were over.

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Why doesn't Stevan want to go to Boston?


They spend a lot of time together.

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Irving opened the medicine cabinet.


Dan asked Linda to spend the night with him.


We should be more talkative.

I think Frank worries too much.

I think I believe her.

I want to hold them.

I'm not good at anything.

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They believed them.


I didn't like being kept waiting so long.

You can spend the night with us.

He's a man of outstanding character.

Unfortunately, I'm late.

The phone was off the hook.

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I still say we should've helped Shatter.

If you are to do well in school, you must study hard.

She has gone to Italy.

His ideas are difficult to understand.

I ironed the handkerchief.

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That's just the way I like it.

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She's at a meeting.

Don't you want to live forever?

Stuart will probably never recover.

The inspector didn't believe Dan's story.

I am thinking about that matter.

Bill has stock in that company.

I did it so good that I came out in the newspapers.


The stories that circulated about the old graveyard were contradictory, but nevertheless made your heart freeze.

Please leave them alone.

Tofu goes well with good sake.

Hearing the news, he turned pale.

Sorry, I just got my hair cut 10cm.

Don't trust anyone.

We're still doing well.

In recent years electronic computers have become increasingly important.

I will bring my children up in such a way that they will be protected from superstition.

What time do you leave?

She spent over half an hour plucking her eyebrows!

I told you to be careful. I didn't say careless.

Who hired him?

That's too bad.

Laura gave up.


The squirrel put his acorn helmet on.


This video is the shit.

Large ships are all equipped with a lifeboat.

Do you really think I can't do this?


Kazakhstan is the largest country in Central Asia.

This is the last train.

You should ask Vidhyanath directly.

He's hiding something.

There came to Japan a foreigner.

My child! Who has my child? Who took my child?

"Though this is madness, there's method in 't." By definition, Polonius's very words discount the possibility of madness. If there is method, then there is no madness.

Pesto is God's gift to the world.

Let's begin with soup.

Spudboy built a ship inside a bottle.

She's ready now.


Tobias noticed Kathy's mistake.

I'm afraid it will rain.

No one expected him to be a candidate again.

The elderly have many stories to tell.

I'm going to buy the bilingual dictionary next Saturday.

Jack said he would be thirteen next month.

What gift would you like to receive for Christmas?


I just flew back from Boston.

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In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

My sister's car is pink.

I'm afraid we don't have the time.

There may be a way.

Sally fell down two flights of stairs and is now in the hospital.

Don't smoke here, it's a hospital!

Everyone knows that Mikey has a thing for you.


Where are the Versailles gardens located?

There's one problem.

It is true that she'll get married next month.


You shouldn't tease him.

We enjoyed playing baseball.

Rebecca, who I shared the apartment with, moved out last month.


What else is there to say?

I gave Cathy the wrong medicine by mistake.

The power of population is indefinitely greater than the power in the earth to produce subsistence for man.

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Gregg received harassing messages on Twitter.

I can't hear a word.

Phill worked part-time to put himself through school.


Many children are yelling annoyingly.

After a while, I noticed that we weren't walking on the path anymore.

She didn't want to sell the book.

She called everybody together for another party.

We worked together.


Soohong has overstayed his visa.

Finish off your plate before going out.

I was born in Mexico on a beautiful day in May.

Hello, could you tell me where a telephone box is?

I want a car, but I have no money to buy one.

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Precautionary measures were unnecessary.

Son thought that he could count on Patricio to do a good job.

I hate people who do that kind of thing.

Please don't interrupt me.

I'm your new lawyer.

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It's been five years since they came to Japan.

Elisabeth fell from the boat and was lost.

"Why are you going to Japan?" "To attend a conference in Tokyo."

The newspaper says that the typhoon hit Kyushu.

The sun rose from the sea.

It took me a long time to fall asleep.

Oskar promised that he would hand over the money soon.

What are you guilty of?

The doctor advised me to take up some sport to stay in shape.


Piotr doesn't look very busy.

He kept insisting that he wasn't wrong.

You had better consult the doctor.

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A clean river flows through our town, and we can see many carp swimming in it.

You're not very hungry, are you?

I have dandruff.


Moe and Vishal are sitting side by side.

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We have to do that right away.

Moe could be out of town.

The impolite words that pepper many Americans' speech should be seen as intensifiers; and the macro effect of their spread, as a kind of linguistic inflation.