They transformed their small smart-looking car into a successful racing car.

Do people ever accuse you of being self-indulgent?

I came near being drowned, trying to rescue a boy.

Where does this self-confidence come from?

Maybe I should have a talk with Kevyn.

As soon as we reached there, it began to rain.

I could order you to stay.

You knew exactly where to hit me.

Bhutan's national sport is archery, and contests are regularly organized in most towns.

He seated himself on the bench.

It is not always easy to make a good joke.

Page doesn't know what you want.


Let's get to it. I'm not getting any younger.


Somebody must've picked it up.

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It's a really big night for me.

The rumor was completely without foundation.

Maybe we should take a step back so we don't fall?

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Farouk is training for a marathon.

Oliver came in carrying a grocery bag.

I showed Srinivasan how to tie a bowline.

I can understand your anger.

Oliver closed his eyes quickly.

I will go at your house tomorrow.

I question your choices.


Dieter is disobedient and rebellious.

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The system is finished with repairing after three years of voluntary work.

I feel bad for them.

He isn't a child.


Mitchell told Holly about his problems.

Why is your wife sad?

He is impatient for her arrival.

Subra has a very substantial retirement fund.

I did some modeling when I was younger.

Isaac was arrested yesterday.

Deb is traveling now.

She ran away with tear-filled eyes.

Wendy didn't remember whether the room was empty or not.

I'm tired of living this life.

When did you get back from Boston?


Oliver usually walks to school if it's not raining.

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Some people say the corpus is intended for learners, some think it's more for scientific purposes.

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Maybe something happened to change Wayne's plans.


Do you have a Playstation 3?

Bradford didn't want Richard to find out.

Jill knows us very well.


Gosh, what a dirty customer!

She can speak French and she speaks it fluently.

He is always at the top of the class.


Being young, he can work all day long.

It is needless to say health is above wealth.

It doesn't matter where you go, we still won't be able to find you.

I haven't seen him recently.

It looks like you've had a hard day.

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Do I have to change planes in London?


Boyce opened the hood.

You wouldn't be any happier if I told you.

He grabbed the chance to get a job.

What does Roy eat for lunch?

He talks about her a lot.

We used to be close friends.

I'd like to ask you some questions.

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They're traitors.


Guys, can you slow down a little?

Collin said he couldn't find the kind of job he was looking for.

Let's have a snowball fight.


My family loved him.


He got into bed.

Rudolph returned the ball with a forehand smash.

It would be nice if the council recognized you as an official guild.

We're old friends.

Nanda has been calling every day.

Ima is sure.

There's no accounting for taste.


This meat is kosher.


Don't help them.

If only I were such a beautiful and talented person.

Tell Eugene.

What do you mean I have too much personality?

She is concerned with health foods.


Do as he says.

I said it was OK for him to go.

Hwa never gives me anything.

I go swimming every chance I get.

Public pressure forced the army to act.

Stan is a mathematician.

I cared about Herb.

We accustomed our children to sleeping alone.

After much effort, he ended up with a contract.


Get your paws off me.

All who take up the sword will perish by the sword.

Sorry, I forgot.

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At last, he solved the question.

I don't speak French very well.

We like Chinese food.

His talk was a mere game.

I know who your father is.

Dan is here forever.

We'll join you shortly.


It is necessary for you to start at once.


Without him, I would be helpless.

I can easily tell if someone is a good person or not. If he likes me, then he's good. If he doesn't like me, then he's bad.

Why don't you calm down and tell me what the problem is?

I don't know who you want to meet.

I didn't think you were coming.

I'll be doing something else at that time.

We have good chemistry.


I haven't seen you in almost three years.

I don't want anyone to take notes!

Sometimes my grandfather talks to himself when left alone.

I asked Molly why she never got remarried after her husband died.

See for yourself.

What are we going to do for food?

"Are these your cars?" "Yes, they are."


Thomas likes Anna, but Anna doesn't like Thomas.

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'Tis fortune gives success to art, not art to fortune.

Let me introduce it.

The will is as good as the deed.


It will be cold.

I can't tell you how worried I've been.

Magical are the straight lines in how they perturb the curved ones, aggravate their distortion and make them look more zigzagged, revealing their deceptive appearance.

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The mail arrives before you go.


Put on some sunscreen.

It's only Laurence.

Are you happy, Shean?


She had never seen it before.

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I'm buying writing paper, stamps and some tissues.

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I need a book to read.

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Knowledge many languages is advantage in contemporary world.


There is a bookstore just 'round the corner.

Cut in half.

Could you show me the way to the station?


Whenever he sees me, he pretends he doesn't know me.

I just want a normal life.

Does this book belong to you?

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Someone has to take care of Ellen.

This project turned out to be a tough nut to crack.

What newspaper do you work for?


The night goes on!


If you want to learn a language well, learn it by yourself.

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You're thirty, right?

Many things can be bought at the market.

We did that very well.

We became Americanized after World War II.

I start tomorrow.

I know what the Jacksons were doing.

You could go back to Boston if you wanted to.

She should be there now because she left an hour ago.

Hein is trying to make the impossible possible.


What is the population density of the smallest state ?

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I'm amazed at Magnus's rapid progress in French.

In the absence of her mother, she looks after her sister.

How many cranes are there in this port?

My neighbor served the most delicious crab dip at her party last night.

Is he tall?


Hienz looks sick.