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May I be excused?


That noise is almost driving me mad.

I feel chilled to the bone today.

Does the man feed the cat?

I can't cope with stress.

May I have your email, please?


The Black Forest cake is a natural aphrodisiac.


Raanan was hired by us in 2013.


He understands your feelings and thoughts even without words.

This is an obscene site.

Johnathan called back.

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Dan was immediately smitten with Linda.

That's our business.

Phiroze found the key that he thought he'd lost.


All I want to do during the dog days is stay indoors and keep out of the sun.

Look up there.

It's not hopeless.

This sofa is not nice.

I'd do anything for you.

Rajendra shot me.

Sandip sure drinks a lot.


I can't remember the last time I saw Stacey.


Is there anything to drink in the fridge?


Before its demise in October 1994, Magellan was able to collect radar images of 98% of Venus' surface.

He acted quickly and put out the fire.

I won't miss them.


I have to dry my hair, put on makeup and get dressed.


After our first attack, the enemy fled.


Laurel may eat as much as he wants.

The sentence is useful.

Paula dreaded having to tell her parents that she was pregnant.


They're staring at each other.

I am not good.

He slept at ten o'clock yesterday.


Kirsten told me you were on vacation.

Lloyd is relaxed.

Eschew obfuscation, espouse elucidation.


He was all but dead when taken to the hospital.


We used to be best friends.

It has to begin as soon as possible.

Do you like pears?


This political problem gave rise to hot discussions.

The bag is full.

I've been waiting for someone to invite me.


You can't force me to do anything I don't want to do.

The end is nigh.

I don't need this.

He's a man of importance.

The movement was spurred by a ragbag of false ideas.

This sentence is sad.

You know as well as I do that Jared doesn't know how to swim.

She has a heart of gold.

The chronicles of the flood of 1342 say that the water in the Mainz Cathedral came up to a man's chest, while in Cologne, one could ride in a boat over the city walls.

I didn't say anything wrong.

I hope that you aren't afraid.


Who's that sitting next to you in this picture?

Just observe your cat and you will get to know him.

Could you tell us more?

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You ought to have come here earlier.

Kemal tried to speak French to the saleslady.

She did what she promised to do for me.

The garden was full of beautiful flowers.

Who did you call?

Jacob gave Juan a lot of money.

Can these knives be sharpened?

Jun was like a father to me.

How could Lin hate you?

His company didn't survive the crisis.

Have you taken out the garbage?

We can download and install Klavaro to learn touch typing.

Dan is too tired today.

Lee is learning English.

I'm looking for my wallet. Have you seen it?

He declared himself leader publicly.

My, aren't you clever?

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Part doesn't understand anything.

I make it a rule to do some exercise before breakfast.

Didn't you know that he passed away two years ago?

I often go for a swim in the river.

Norbert's room is still empty.


There is nothing to do today.

I don't like what you said about Dawson.

I hate fighting.

I'm never alone, unless I choose to be.

I've got to go or I'll be late for school.

He'd better watch out, or Mulligan is going to wipe the floor with him.

I didn't ask him.


He won re-election twelve times.

The bridge is being repainted.

He still passes as a college student now.

Sue broke some bones in his arm and hand.

Human ovum is barely visible to the naked eye.

My kids have all left school.

She filled this vase with water.

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I cannot show my teeth. They are in a bad state.

We were crushed into the crowded train.

An office building, with 22 stories above ground and 2 below, is under construction.

Robert attended Loukas's funeral.

He asked for my assistance.

It sounds like Ira is the problem.

This place depresses me.

How long did it take Srinivasan to finish his homework?

She's a really nice girl.

I didn't hear what you said.

Stay calm and keep going.

That doesn't work for me.

I saw my sister tear up the letter.

Ernest scarfed down the ham sandwich that Elsa had made for him.

I don't like it any more than you do.


Tait and No were speaking loud enough for John to hear them.


Moderation in all things.


Glen didn't want anyone panicking.

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I did nazi that coming.

I don't want cereal.

I wasn't organized enough.

When I was a child, only children from wealthy families had ringed notebooks.

What's your opinion about war?


"Where will we go for lunch?" "Timo, you decide. I can't. "

He was as good as his word.

I saw Trying come out of the library.

I'm going to arrange these flowers.

The sun had already set when he got home.

I cannot step on the grass. It's forbidden.

I might be able to fit that in my schedule.

We have time.

The final score of the game was 3 to 1.


I must decide what to do.


I have menopausal troubles.

How many bracelets do you think Ernst has?

Seen from a distance, he looks much younger than he really is.

He rose to his feet to greet me.

Tim lit the fire.

He got 90 marks out of 100 in English.

He is a prophetic figure.

I can't go with you. I have an engagement.

Evelyn found Stanley's constant criticism of him hard to cope with.

Kari mashed the potatoes with a large fork.

I'd like to see your ticket, please.


He hid his grief behind a smile.

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I could go to school today.

I know Murph will be happy to see you.

There's no explanation.

Let me have a look at it, will you?

Ken is happy.

How would you like to come and spend a week with us next year?

That type of person is dull.


Turn that thing off.

He told the students to be quiet.

Aren't you the doorman?

I'll go with you when the end of the world arrives.

No, I am not from the United States.

Jerome wants to know when you can come over to our place and help us move our piano.

Tango was however always bullied by other neighbors' cats and came home covered with wounds.

They need us to finish the job.

We're starting over.

As usual, I mispronounced words and broke my sentences up in the wrong places.

Dave hasn't paid his part of the rent.

We think that we die for our country, but we die for corporations.

The grey cat can't climb off the tree.


He needs help.

He is one of my best friends.

Dan was released in 2006.


He was equipped for a trip.