I did not lose my mind, I sold it on eBay.


Why is dad in the kitchen?

Has Spass changed much?

I was told you weren't very helpful.

Our flying time tonight will be just under 6 hours, but I'll see if I can speed things up a bit.

Old felt awkward.


I know several Canadians.

Vladimir brought a blanket.

It is the fruit of hard work and a well-prepared plan.


Is Wendy still aboard?

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Ed took out after Rafik.

It's sad to see Nhan so unhappy.

Love is crazy.

I've never heard Jayesh complain before.

This pantsuit is perfect for the successful businesswoman.


Is this a test?

What is the meaning of meaning?

Could you make a reservation for me?

I have an appointment with him at six.

She was such a beautiful girl that everybody turned to look at her as she passed.


He flew to New York on business.


I want the facts.

No matter where you may travel, be sure to phone me once a week.

Allah is the greatest.

I can't do this all on my own.

We'll get in touch in another day or two.

They know our plans.

I might need your help again sometime.

What will you do this afternoon?

I thought there was somebody in the meeting room.

His mother died yesterday.

Glenn must've been imagining things.


Sedat didn't seem afraid at all.

Knapper told me that he wasn't afraid of Moran.

Amy's mother lives in Boston. His father lives in Chicago.


I said to myself, "That's a good idea."


You're going to pay for this.

The car is old, but it is good.

He went abroad two years ago.

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A disciple can be forgiven if he does not have great mental ability.

The patient is doing well.

I asked Norman to meet me at the train station.

This guitar belongs to her.

Cookie is my dog.


I'm sober.

Isn't that true?

I love to eat french fries with fish.


The program for the convention is extraordinarily rich. There are generally four or five lectures taking place at the same time.

I've got some business with Jeremy.

My love is like a red, red rose.


The engine is driven by steam.

You won't believe it.

Benjamin Franklin then told a funny little story.

Chances are that he has not heard the news yet.

We all have choices.

I didn't expect it to cost so much.

Europeans call soccer football.

Panos makes it a rule not to eat after 8:00 p.m.

Even in the most difficult situations, Sharan has never lost heart.

I used to play with dolls when I was a little girl.

I wonder if I can do it again.

I haven't spoken to Kuldip since.

I missed the arrival of Sinterklaas.

I'll deal with you both later.

She didn't say a word.

The new engine must undergo all the necessary tests.

The police shot Lyndon's tires out.

I haven't the power to change the world.

He tried to master French.

Don't hang up.

Here, take my coat.


He fled when he saw me.

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Will you please put that in simpler words?

I heard her come here.

Could you send me the pictures you took of us yesterday?

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You know I can't answer a question like that.


That horse is white.

We're not gonna make it, are we?

His office is on the eighth floor.

She sounds desperate.

Such people get hold of a chance.


I would've let them do it.

Irene is from Peru. She is Peruvian.

He started early in the morning.


Did you enjoy the party yesterday?

Do you think they'll break the 10-second barrier in the 100-meter dash?

Oleg can be contacted by email.


I want them here.

Here I come.

Where are you hurt?


The sad news took away his appetite.

Students should attend classes regularly.

Dolkun is a handsome lad. Every girl who's seen him falls in love with him.

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I don't have your address.

The people in Boston were awesome.

You should visit Norma.

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I couldn't get the tickets yesterday.

A tattered flag which continues to flutter in the wind.

You should talk to her now.

I really like that.

I am getting crazy according to everyone.

Please speak loudly, so I can hear you.

I want a girlfriend.

Everyone is watching them.

That was incredible.

Sam is earnest about his work.

If Ellen had been here today, I would probably have seen him.

He went to Kyoto by car.

I'll come to your house later.


What do you desire?

Where does that bus go?

He has a mellifluous voice.

I am plucking the turkey.

Won't you sit down?

Where did you find it?

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

Hal knitted Tanya a sweater for his birthday.

Much to our surprise, he was good at singing.

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I'll come at three o'clock if it is convenient to you.

I want you to use it.

The idea isn't bad.

The water will soon drain away.

If a government is to be prudent its taxes must produce ample revenues without discouraging enterprise.


Have we met somewhere before?


It's fine, just make sure you don't say that again.

Who left these muddy footprints on the front porch?

Some cruise ships have too many passengers.

Samuel looks like he doesn't feel well.

The people could repel the invasion.


Have you ever sucked a penis?


Gregory's family lives in Boston.

The speaker did not refer to his notes during his talk.

I can't help thinking about the future.

I support you one hundred percent.

May I kiss you?

We are both her boyfriends.

She died on a cold night in December.

When do you leave here?

She was susceptible to colds.

How did you come by such a big sum of money?

I regret saying this.


I went out with Kenn.

We enjoyed having you as our guest.

Dale stretched out his legs.


Obviously, she's sick.

Marcos heard a noise from upstairs.

We have visitors.

It's a good thing you came to me when you did.

Have any of you been to Hawaii?

I was unable to write down the number of the car.

He is the talk of the town.

He will get well soon.

Get off of her.


I'm attracted to you.

Time, which strengthens friendship, weakens love.

Have patience for another day or two.

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Yesterday our village became famous all over the country.

I'll stay in Tokyo for eight days.

On a sultry night in August a new theatre opened for business.

Can I use your computer to check my e-mail?

It's a ten minutes walk to the bus stop.

Viewer discretion is advised.

How can we do that?

She stayed up late to finish sewing your dress.

Anatoly asked her if she was Lori Jackson.