I'm glad we're all in agreement.

What a tall tree this is!


Do we really need her?

He showed his mother around the city.

Her voice set my nerves on edge.

Fred was captured, but he's been released.

Loyd is easy to see through.

Loyd is making me do this.

I can hear a saxophone somewhere.

It wasn't Stanley's or Sandy's first sentence.

I thought that would work.

I don't know what more I can do for you.

The guards didn't see Myrick.

English is a universal language and is used all over the world.

Woody nodded slowly.

Avery suggested that we call Serdar.

She leads me to the key.

I'll be waiting for you on the other side.

You should feel bad for her.

These socks are a bargain.

Get out of my car.

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They refused to answer my questions.

How do you like my new wall calendar?

Dory seems preoccupied.

The snow completely covered the city.

No matter how hard he may work, he will not be able to pass the exams.

She shouted herself hoarse.

This world is an illusion, brother.

There are several cafes in the park.

We all know how to speak French.

Stay off the grass.

Some women look more masculine than feminine.

We can get a lot of things.

We meet once a month.

It won't be any problem at all.

Herbert Hoover won the election of 1928.

I was hoping you could tell me how to do this.

You take things too seriously.


I would do the same.

I wouldn't worry about her.

You shouldn't eat so much ice cream.

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Betsy stuck his hands in his pockets.

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"Hey, when do the dorms lock up?" "9 o'clock" "Whoops, if we don't run we won't make it!"

Hume was Curt's mentor.

They are both so lovely!


How will you be spending Christmas?


He's an old codger.

All is still.

The plane was hit by a bolt of lightning.

Celeste is a very, very lucky man.

It's urgent that I see Marsha.

She left me a note.

I'm atheist.


She doesn't exist.

The male ape is intelligent by nature.

I'm seeing them again on Monday.

If he had studied harder, he would have passed the exam.

Caroline rang one of the bells.


One day the stepmother had given the girl a frightful beating, and then threatened to kill her outright.

Are there birds with this kind of chirp in Australia too?

Your son is quite grown up now.

My computer crashed and now it won't boot up.

I know how we can have some fun.

You were there that night. I remember.

We stayed there all night.

Recently there are a lot of young people who don't use respectful language to their superiors.

Swingers and swing dancers are different.

It is really time for us to go.

Your watch has been found.


You must make up for the loss.

It was silly of you to make such a mistake.

Let's get to the library before it closes.

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Stay calm and keep going.


You can talk about anything under the sun.

I'll find something else to do.

I can't tell you what my plans are.

Did you agree with them?

She doesn't speak my language.

I won't be doing this anymore.

I have something to tell him.

They're at the bar drinking.

Wait for a second chance.

When I opened the door, I found her naked, stretched on the sofa.

Sometimes, questions rather than answers provide us with more information.


Tell him that I'm sorry.

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

He believes Rodger.


Her name was changed to protect her identity.


Leave those here.

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I want to tell you about him.

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Anderson always blames somebody else for his mistakes.

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It's too late to contact Clay now.


Ginny probably knows how to get to Novorolsky's house.


I mistook her for her sister. They look so much alike.


How does it work?

What happened to the money I gave you?

I am staying with my uncle for the time being, but later I will move to a small apartment.

Loren doesn't have the money to buy a car.

Do we have a problem?


In space, all warriors are cold warriors.


Miriam hesitated before making the decision.


I'm going to take full responsibility.

That guy has a lot of nerve.

Stop inhaling your food. You should eat a little slower.

Speak for yourselves.

I don't even have a job.

What are you people thinking?

I think Barney knows who shot him.

The Euro is worth approximately one dollar today.

We're waiting for Elliot to finish doing what we asked him to do.

I have to go to the office.

You have become a Tatoeba-addict.

I love you so much today too.

Why did you tell him that?

I'm in a hurry today.

The bus is long.

I want you to keep your job.

His face showed that he was annoyed.

What we speak of as 'causality' is nothing more than the phenomenon of repetition.

Naomi was accused of breaking and entering.

This book is composed of three chapters.

Have your paper on my desk by Thursday.

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That's exactly how it happened.


The Haskell Free Library and Opera House was built on the border between Canada and the United States.


Why are you laughing? I'm trying to be serious here...

The boat sailed around the promontory.

I don't think I can handle it.

There are men who manage to hide even their own hypocrisy.

This is hot, not cold.

Daryl was surprised how well Jisheng spoke French.

What is the first novel that was written in Japanese?

I accommodated my friend with money.

She treated him very well.

It's very cloudy. I think it's going to rain.

She has many good qualities.


I'll do it if they pay me.

They shoot them off over the lake.

Sangho is giggling.


Joshua can finish the job.

Good eating habits are essential.

Have you ever ridden a mule?


These gases can lead to global warming.

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A most credible hypothesis is the one that limits the number of elements in the domain T.

I have no hesitation in telling the truth.

A light and happy heart is the best of gifts.

The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil.

Jarvis had other things on his mind.


My cousin is the second to the last person in the line.

I can't study with you watching me.

That guy stole my wallet! Stop him!

Harold II was the last Anglo-Saxon king of England.

I'm sick of listening to your complaints.

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I cannot break this computer. It's not mine.

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Indeed, the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam.


I like honest people.

That's not the question.

Darrell is here to deliver a message.


Bill is still a legendary figure in this company.


I must find it.

Everyone is insane, in his or her own way.

I want all the information you have.

He turned down our proposal.

That's no way to speak to your parents!