He is not rich. On the contrary, he is deep in debt.

Anyone can do it as long as they try.

He is due to start for Paris.

Apparently, I got too drunk.


The Greeks used to worship several gods.

He doesn't look very healthy.

I'll buy you a drink.

Lindsey decided to wait.

I tied their shoes together.

I'm guilty.

His father passed away last night in the hospital.

We started to walk.

She stared me down with anger.

Izchak spent hours looking at the fish in the tank.

Isn't it wonderful?


The little girl clung to her father's arm.


The calculation of the budget for next year is based on the costs this year.

It takes three hours to get to Boston from here.

That's not really the point.

Your threats don't frighten me.

They are normatively accountable for doing so.

Shane must've done it yesterday.

That should be pleasing to anyone.

We dodged a bullet.

I am looking for a job with the Cultural Minister of France.

There is a park in the middle of the city.

I never could get that straight.

Clem couldn't have done it alone.

It impressed me much.


Sooner or later, you will be in trouble.

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He takes a walk every morning.

It's because I was asked to come that I'm here.

You did really well.

I wonder if George found something.

My thoughts and prayers are with all those who were affected by this terrible tragedy.

Today we wait, tomorrow we will win.

I don't know anything about racing.


His debts amount to 100,000 yen.

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I don't want to lie to her.


You have a face of a child.

We're going to do our best.

We took turns driving on the way to Osaka.


I'm not surprised one bit.

I don't blame Straka for retiring.

He ran sheer into the wall.

I've got to give her something.

Rynok Square is the historic centre of the city.

It exceeded my expectations.

Brett will forgive you.

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Meanwhile the PIRATE Party offers space on an internet server of theirs to all CDU groupings in Kassel that are affected by censorship by means of the party leaders.


We really need to win.

There are 16 characters named Hugh in this novel.

Nicolas is always quoting some famous person.

This is the second time I've flown.

It's the talk of the town.

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Marlena put too much sugar in my coffee.

Is the shop close?

The teacher granted me permission to go home early.


He has a good acquaintance with Japanese theater.

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She got on the subway at Ginza.

Keep the change, driver.

Take your time when you eat meals.

Don't take it quite so literally.

Kiki took pictures of the squirrels.

The meat, although cooked, isn't completely free of microorganisms.

Japanese food terms are difficult to render into other languages.

We're just pretending.

They found him.

I know more than you think.

Crutches are pretty tricky ... "Excuse me, stretcher coming through!"

Drunk driving is a crime.

It's possible that Israel doesn't know how to unclog a sink.

Harold came just as I was leaving.

If you have any suggestions, I'll be happy to hear them.

My husband is impotent. What should I do?

You're not even paying attention.


I can still remember a few words in Spanish.

I have a list here.

Cris hardly ever makes mistakes.

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Trying asked Vicki to shave off his beard.


Brad was Theodore's first girlfriend.

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There are lots of things to do.


No one has the right to tell me what I can and can't do with my body.


You must be busy.

Brian works for a startup.

It's probably just a rumor.

You should be a diplomat.

You can't count on anyone to help you with this.

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He assigned me a new job.

We need paid family and sick leave.

Spencer thinks you're doing it on purpose.

All you had to do was talk to Gregory.

I should probably not be doing this.

I have my doubts about that.

The present prime minister was not present at the ceremony.

In the sea, there are as many fish as you like.

I hope Nancy is more careful next time.

I wanted to be a good friend to you.

Somebody tried to kill us.


Angela adapted last year's lesson plans so he could use them with this year's lower level students.

What does it refer to?

High costs made it hard to carry on his business.

Case wanted to buy Becky something nice for her birthday.

The restaurant is always packed.

An English language students' magazine has invited readers to submit an article on the theme of culture shock.

I gave her one of those.


She was deadly tired.

Americans spend much of their free time at home.

Darrell is a witness.

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We've got to catch the lion alive.


Do they watch TV?

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Is there a mistake in the telephone number?


Niall used to send me birthday gifts.


It's three hours door-to-door.

The first to die in war is the truth.

At the funeral, the widow looked very dignified, with her black suit, hat and gloves.

They fled through a secret passageway.

Is something wrong with her?

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You're my life and all that I want and need.

I've got to see Hilda.

Here is our answer to your fax message dated April 1st.

You're right. I'll go by taxi.

A lot of people exceed the speed limit so it must be acceptable.

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He is sitting cross-legged.

The balloon deflated quickly.

It is not fitting for a teacher to overly favor certain pupils over others.


Do you guys play on the same team?

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He was maneuvered out of office.

We must get over this difficulty.

We know that a cat, whose eyes take in much more light than human eyes, can see clearly at night.

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I've had a good sleep.


We intend to look into that matter.

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My book became the Holy writ for all those engineers.

I've never been so scared.

Sonja skipped school a lot.

We'll get the job done.

I didn't think it really existed.

This winter began with an unprecedented amount of snow.

The game was slow and boring.

Do you know how sausage is made?

Meg and Ken sat on the bench.

I said that to myself.

Please throw away your trash from this room.

Last week's meeting was the longest we have had this year.

I've always wanted to see your house.

You have to go talk to them.

While I understand what you are saying, I cannot do accordingly.


People often make bad choices.

Accept that some days you're the pigeon and some days you're the statue.

I can't believe this.

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I would say that I'm healthy at the moment, but I don't want to jinx myself.

Winston threatened to expose the whole thing.

I don't know how it happened.

It is going to rain all night.

Hardship makes the man.


He didn't find what he was looking for.

What does that tall man play?

He that will lie, will steal.

Who doesn't want to be happy in life?

The camera will cost at least $500.

Don't lie to Think.

Have you been to Hokkaido?