Wilson Shum

4th Year Computer Science Student - University of British Columbia

Projects and Hackathon

About Me

Hi everyone, I'm a Computer Science student currently studying in University of British Columbia. I like to make websites, games and cool applications. Right now I'm very interested in Cloud computing and Data Analysis.

My hobbies include playing video games, watching streams, and listening to music. Right now I use my off time reading and learning how to cook.

Work Experiece:
Software Developer Co-op
(Sept 2017 - Apr 2018) - T2Systems
iXp Intern - Agile Developer
(Sept 2018 - Apr 2019) - SAP

Contact Me

MultiPlayer Online Game

A Multiplayer Online Game for interactive gameplay with other online players. Shoot energy balls against your opponents to earn points!

GitHub Code: 8048930703

Try it Out: Play

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Bluzelle Project

A file validation web application to ensure that the file transfer protocol has the correct content

GitHub Code: Github

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Reddit Analytics

An Analytics Tool used to visualize data using reddit API

GitHub Code: Github

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