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Forsaken World Server


Why we’re the best forsaken world server

Most of all we are dedicated to being the most active and balanced Forsaken World private server in the world.
Offering only the best gaming experience for both PvE and PvP players who just want to enjoy the game.

solo questing fun

Satisfy your inner adventurer with the many quests in Nightshade. Aside from the main quest line, there are thousands of side quests.

huge world maps

Huge maps make for awesome online gaming experiences. From cities to barren wastelands, you will have plenty of breathing room.

epic group pve

Discover epic PVE activities and meet like-minded players from around the world! There is plenty of social activities in which to participate in Nightshade.

action-packed pvp

Test your skills 3v3 or 6v6 in the Arena or 12v12 in Frostgate Fjord. Only the bravest will enter. Only the most skilled will survive.

More reasons to join and play today

All Instances Working

We’re proud to say that all instances are working, including Dysil’s Crux, the guild group raid. So you’ll be able to get those epic end-game pieces you always wanted.

Balanced Economy

We strive to keep a balanced economy on our Forsaken World server to reward players for their achievements and make it possible to experience the full game, a bit easier.

Active and friendly GMs

We’re always watching and playing! If you ever need help, just pm GM. Please be patient with us. We’re here to help and have a good time, so come and join us!


Freedom Harbor

Our server is running the Dysil’s Wrath patch, so you can enjoy Freedom Harbor again! Freedom Harbor is one of the main cities of the game Forsaken World. It is where players arrive after completing the beginning quests in their home area. There are many Quests available here and lots of vendors to buy goods from.

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Forsaken World Nightshade Patch Notes


Violia Wilde in Freedom Harbor now offers the name change service, makeover service and hair styling service. A shop has been added to Otis in Freedom Harbor where players can pawn unwanted items from their bags. A reforge item has been added to the Jewel Shop that has a 100% chance to raise a [...]

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Dysil’s Crux/Guild Dragon instance is now working. The dragons now spawn and the portal to the arena is appearing as it should. Lv20 Lionheart Camp solo instance is now working. God’s Trial should now pull in all nearby party members when entering manually. Fort Rotulor changes: Duo [...]

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Patch Version 0.036

Guild Construction Envelopes per day have been increased to 10. Guild maximum construction quests per day has been increased to 200. The Fatigue State has been disabled and no longer limits awarded EXP and SP. Added [Fusion Agent Lv4] as a reward for Dedicated V quest completion. Added [...]

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