Tab-it Plus -- Custom Index Tabs

107-215 Menten Place
Ottawa ON K2H 9C1

Three Levels of Service

  • 503-584-2345


    You supply the printed stock and we convert it into custom tabs.

  • 7083363389


    Full Service -- You provide the tab titles and any body art and we do everything else.

  • Copier Tabs


    Copier Tabs offer the flexability of making your own tabs for jobs where custom tabs are not an option.

How it Works

Ordering tabs is easy. Custom tabs say what you want, where you want, without relying on generic sets that leave you with too many-- or too few-- spaces to fill. Number, letter, or put your own headings on the tabs for an attractive, professional set of dividers that guides readers through your material quickly and enables them to return to information easily.

If you decide to print your own tabs and just have us convert them for you then you simply supply the tabs cut to size (usually 9*11). Please read the Tips for Better Tabs section of the website to ensure that you get the best possible results.