The Efes Hotel, at which I stayed last month, was comfortable.

Could you give them a minute?


I'd like to strangle her.

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Did you fall in love with her at first sight?

We'll see Jeff next week.

She's a fast thinker.

He knows us very well.

My heart just melted!

I like how you think.

Who was the thief?

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My ears burn.


This is the fruit of your imagination.


February 12 is Darwin Day.

Sergiu is studying French now, isn't he?

Her father approved of her plan.

Can I talk to you about Siping?

I respect Mr. Brown.


Scott is struggling to pay back her student loans.

Is it okay if I borrow these books?

That is all that he said.

Throw another log on the fire, will you?

A one million yen fine? That's nothing to me.

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I worked hard in expectation of promotion.

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When I was a kid, my classmates and I would all take marbles to school to play with. These days, most kids have got smartphones and iPods.

Getting up at 6 a.m. was hard at first, but now I'm used to it.

It was a great accomplishment.

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She panicked when she heard the police.


Where might the strangers be?


Try not to annoy him.

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No matter how many people tell him he made a mistake, Corey still insists he's right.

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He should be around 40.

Not only does Bob play the guitar, but also the flute.

Horst wasn't convinced it was a good idea.

I went with the women so that I could guide them around Nagasaki.

Your freaking grandfather nearly ran me over!

Indeed, I keep the closet closed.

He can write with both hands.

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Finland's competitiveness requires more people who can speak French and German than Swedish.


He is concerned about Murthy.

Open your notebooks.

This fairy could take any shape she pleased. All the day long she flew about in the form of an owl, or crept about the country like a cat; but at night she always became an old woman again.


If only English were as regular as Esperanto.

Mummy has to do the washing this afternoon.

Did you remember to thank him?

She was not in the least pleased with my present.

Are you lying?


Is there a timetable?


I am sure Lizzy will be very happy.

I don't see how that's relevant.

Hohn and Nicolas became best friends.


Go and ask him.


There's a message for you.

She said that she's living in Osaka.

We can speak here without problems.

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What are you doing here so late?

I want you to try harder.

Do your parents still live in Germany?

She has pearly teeth.

The lessons of the second chapter are easier than those of the first.

I saw my reflection in the window.

The rope was a couple of meters too short.

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I'm best at math.

She stopped reading the newspaper.

Keep singing.

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You might hear something.

I've forgotten how to play that song.

Some animals will not breed when kept in cages.

I said I wouldn't tell her.

The sun has just come up.

I was looking forward to meeting you.

This isn't fair to me.

I wasn't sure.

Even if there is a convention, I shouldn't ask them for so much money.

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The term "baby shower" is silly and confusing.

A car hit them.

I want to call him. Do you have his number?


The girl, who had her head on the boy's shoulder, looked around in surprise.

Bob and I got to know each other in Boston.

Is this how you pronounce this?

Almost all the leaves have fallen.

Which are heavier, sandwiches or onigiris?

Ti plays guitar in a heavy metal band.

I went into the house.


She's only with him for his money.

The game lacked excitement.

Jane had a yellow ribbon in her hair.

There is no shame in being poor.

The peace treaty will be signed tomorrow.

Why do you have diarrhea?

Nici is a great person.

Jun started to sit where he usually sits, but Pantelis asked him to sit somewhere else.

It's only when I have things I have to do, that I find I want to do things I don't have to do.

This soundbite was repeated all over the news.

I won't leave tomorrow morning.

It is only natural that he should do well at school.

"I have to stop you from doing that." "Stop me from doing what?"


I think Shutoku knows.

Surya broke into the deserted shack.

But it's good to use the word "je" as rarely as possible.

We have plenty of work to do this morning.

Janice and Manavendra are always arguing about money.

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It was just an example.

Ned suddenly realized that something strange was happening.

My younger sister is very good at singing.

Many of his friends backed his plan.

I feel good about things.

He has a very strong Bahian accent.

I was told the news by Hashimoto.

Tell Dean I'm not going to do what he asked me to do.

I've been friends with Roberta for many years.

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I can always get more.

I didn't mean right now.

Liza keeps telling the same jokes over and over again.

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No, thank you. I don't drink coffee.


He turned his artistic gifts to good account by becoming a painter.

I forgot my scarf.

It was this book that I borrowed from him.

Do you know what's in this box?

Stephen considered her answer very carefully.

I'll go get cleaned up.

I need it ASAP.


Some people associate sci-fi with the Japanese.

This shop is just in front of the theatre.

Cris asked Shel to buy him a ticket.

That must be my book.

Can I go to my room now?

It'll be hard to convince Kelvin to go with us.

Raif's doctor told him to give up smoking.

I have more time, and less money than ever.

Hold on, Sorrel.

Perhaps it would be better if I went by myself.

Lieutenant, my patience is shorter than my sword.

Be that as it may, you are wrong.

Ken is smaller than Warren.


My sister is always in such a hurry that she often leaves things behind.

We can talk in front of her.

What are you doing in my office?


You don't have to do it so awkwardly.


Saify and Tarmi laughed.


I knew they were lying!


It is grotesque: every private company, even small private companies, think European nowadays, but not so the governments of their states.

High tax and poor sales bankrupted the company.

I have no acquaintance with court procedure.

The tubes are clogged.

We don't want that, do we?

He had a shutout until the ninth inning.

Why is Dewey following me?


We're being attacked.

It might be expensive.

You shouldn't look down on a person for being poor.

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Your dad shook down the yakuza.

Do you have anything against Randell?

Roland looked like something the cat dragged in after his long night at the pub.

Don't be like everyone else.

We've done everything we can do.

I knew you were behind this.

None of you have any idea what I've gone through.

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A jack of all trades is a master of none.

I decided to enter the room.

I thought you needed money.