Why is Nichael so late?

Shuvra nervously looks over to Charley.

Our negotiations to lower export taxes suffered a big setback.

Morton filed a formal complaint.

This came like a bolt from the blue.

The workers are on strike.

She was in a hurry to go home.

He accumulated a tremendous fortune during the post war.

A cooking course should be mandatory in schools.

I had a nagging feeling that the atmosphere resembled somebody and, now that you mention it, yes, you're right. Certainly ZZ TOP had this kind of feel.


I totally agree with Jordan.

You've got wrinkles.

We're not giving up.

The boy sat there reading a weekly magazine.

"Well, I guess I'm going to get a driver's license," he answered.


Lea scored three points.

May I offer you a glass?

Flames have no mercy for anyone.

I think Noam is a likable guy.

I know how much it means to you.


It's possible that he came here when he was a boy.

Can you see the squirrels?

She is not concerned in the affair.

Maria paid Marvin and John a visit.

They say that traditional Vietnamese feasts are living museums.

Fred said he was related to Bruce Lee but we all knew it was far from the truth because he is from Africa.

Shirley smoked a cigar.

Don't dwell on your past failures.

There was some dew this morning.

I'd kill you if I could.

Since Tait was speaking in French, I couldn't understand what he was saying.


I wish you a pleasant voyage.

I found a nice tie for Brendan.

She glanced briefly at the newspaper.

The revelation took everyone by surprise.

I'm sitting on the sofa.

As strange as it may sound, what Meehan said is what really happened.

Calvin would never leave Howard.


It's your duty to vote.


Lindsay could tell by the way Jeffrey slammed the door that he wasn't happy.

I just feel sorry for Uri.

I did my job.

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The cook used a chinois.


You're all mine.


Kristen was incredibly forthright and honest.

I got years of experience in courtrooms.

I can't make up my mind.

The radicals had failed by one vote.

I'm very happy that Hein is here.

Blow by blow, her punches got more intense.

She advised him not to go.


God could not be everywhere, therefore he created mothers.


She came to see me in spite of being busy.

You can go by bus, by metro or by feet.

This bird lives neither in Japan nor in China.

I'm sorry, sir, but a jacket and tie are required.

I think this is exactly what Chris wants.


Don't open it, please.

When are they coming?

Do we have anything else to eat?

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When chickens pancake-shape maintain, the tractor must have won again.


I have a friend everybody trusts.


Some sentences don't make sense. So what?

Nancy is a shade darker than Helen is.

Before going back to work, I decided to rest a little.


That'll be my next problem to solve.

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I was as surprised by Vijay's arrest as you were.


"Whose sheep are these?" "They are mine."

We definitely heard that sound.

What on earth do you want to talk to Olson about?

What gives you the right to talk to me like that?

The pilot bailed out before the plane crashed.


You seem to know everything there is to know about this.

Such scientists as Einstein are rare.

Herbert absolutely detests Raphael.

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Harold was probably Carole's closest friend.

You guys need each other.

Pete is such a good French speaker.

Matthieu works as a receptionist in a hotel.

The boy I thought was honest deceived me.


There's been a gas leak.

I don't know when.

Pontus is a really nice girl.

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Let's go grab a burger or something.

I helped Penny decide where to put the sofa.

I told Rudolf to stop.


I agree with Jianyun, too.

Standing on the porch, he looked out with great interest, seeking out his dog.

He advocated abolishing death penalty distinctions.


It's been a bad week.

That bothers me.

Give me five days.


Are you guys Choctaw?

Julianto sat down on the park bench and began to read his book.

Cynthia told me that he needed space.

"Negro" is an offensive word.

We'll think about it in due time.


Can I give you a word of advice?

I will have to inform them.

Peter is cold, he wish a sweater.

What did he really mean?

You might not want to buy that much sugar.

If I'm able to meet you I'll do it.

Suwandi asked me where I bought my belt.

I don't have a salary because I don't have a job.

When I had just arrived in Switzerland, I was completely taken aback by the prices.

I shouldn't have logged off.

I'm not sure Swamy is ready.

What exactly do you know about Calvin?

Is anyone else coming?

I had three options.

Culture shock tends to move through four different stages: wonder (or the honeymoon period), frustration, depression and acceptance.

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We have to stay quiet.

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Tomorrow we'll get our proof.

Kathleen isn't stronger than me.

Cathryn is getting a glass of water for me.

Fred can do it way better than I can.

Could you elaborate?


I'd like to build a new house.

Beverly sat next to Thuan at the piano.

The bread is not fresh.

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They climbed Mt. Fuji last week.

I forgot to ask Joon what you asked me to ask him.

I want a gold cross.

Go for it, Gigi.

I've never ever been arrested.

Steven should be gone by the time we get there.

Do you think he would forgive me?


His methods are not scientific.

Is this a gag?

Eva is waiting for a telephone call.


We saw a flying saucer.

We took pictures of the dolphins.

The crux of his argument can be found on p. 56.

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I want to build a fountain in my garden.


We should excavate. Who knows, maybe we'll find something important and become famous.


I believe in one God, and no more; and I hope for happiness beyond this life.


I thought you were going to be gone all day.

We are about to land.

He gave him a book.

Most people understand that.

You go away.


I don't like this any more than you do.

There were three beautiful sisters, fair and delicate. The dress of one was red, of the second blue, and of the third pure white. Hand in hand they danced in the bright moonlight, by the calm lake.

Would you like to get married and have children?

Why doesn't he say it to her?

Friends are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer.

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Have you ever been looked at as something less than human?

Save me a donut.

We knew we didn't do anything wrong.

Here we are at the station.

Sumitro uses public transportation.


I've told you so a hundred times.

Oh well.

Who would keep me company?


I expected Juliet to help me paint the ceiling.

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Raise your left hand.


Everybody else at the party was much younger than me.