Would it be OK if I drank a little more tea?

Are you able to afford the time for it?

A man drew near.

Let's play tennis after school.


Nigel is a bad person.

What do you two usually talk about?

She was dismissed on the grounds of neglect of duty.

Natraj is having a bit of trouble with his new car.

Do not try to run away, please, because the eyes of your enemies are watchful.

Yes, I lived there for many years.

He hurried so as to catch the bus.

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How did you like the food at that restaurant?


I think that games such as Candy Crush are a waste of time.

Amedeo and Pilot want you there, too.

It is up to you to decide what to do.

Harry had to back out of the competition because of a broken arm.

That's the reason we need to leave.

I can't stop shaking my leg.

Christofer shivered.

I wonder who he really is.

I got carded.

What are you going to wear?

Breakfast will be served.

We named the dog Tim.

Never were finer women or more accomplished men seen in any Court, and Nature seemed to have taken pleasure in lavishing her greatest graces on the greatest persons.

He will have gotten the inspiration from that animated cartoon.

I don't have the foggiest idea.

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We were saved, but a price had to be paid.

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The fortress was secure from every kind of attack.

There is only love and happiness in Scatland. Hatred and resentment? Well that's unheard of. It's unheard of.

Forty-eight sailors are aboard.

Ugh. I'm so not looking forward to today.

The actor missed a line.

Helge told me you were planning on dropping out of school.

For some reason I don't like Israel.

I know that some people value my work.

His words carried me back to my childhood.

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I'm pretty sure I'm going to need some help.

You can come to visit me, provided that you promise me you'll behave.

The ice will give under your weight.

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There are no good arguments for the bad persons.

How'd they treat you in jail, Danny?

I didn't know if he was flirting.

No matter what you do you must always do it to the best of your ability.

He didn't give an answer to the question.

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Can we believe them?

Where's the remote?

I understood the message.

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You arrived there before her.

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He doesn't want to admit that he has a drinking problem.

The atomic number of iron is 26.

What do you call "yuri" in English?

It'll cost around ten thousand yen.

Have you ever sung in public?


Nobody wanted to come to my country.


Statistics indicate that our living standards have risen.


I heard Juri hates publicity.

I'm afraid I may hurt Gene.

Andrew sowed wheat in his field.


What exactly do you mean by that?

All educated Americans, first or last, go to Europe.

Lindsey knows who to give the message to.

Just think about it.

Nobody talks about us.


Can you find your way all right?

I didn't fathom this happening.

What web browser do you like the most?

He hopped on a freight train bound for New York.

This story is based on facts.

Water is the essence of life.

I'm feeling better.

How can I help them?

Are you in favor of their policy?

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The two meetings clash.

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Knut obviously wants to help Micah.

The box was almost full.

His affection was materializing in the worst possible way.

My mother is a sister of their mother.

Stop the car now!


I'll show you a good time.

I've made many mistakes in my lifetime.

Floyd didn't respond right away.


Try to see the problem from her point of view.


I had been reading a letter when he came in.

Can you give me some time?

Anthony and I have a dinner meeting.

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She married into money.

We wanted to wait.

She sat up late waiting for her son to come home.

He rested and became stronger.

You know what I want you to say.

Today young people find themselves, through no fault of their own, living in a world torn by international bitterness and the threat of nuclear destruction.

A few students were left behind.

He will sit for the entrance examination.

Miltos grew up in a small town not far from here.

Tell him to wait.

Sridhar took Spy's glass of wine.

I had a premonition of Klaus dying.

She was saving herself for marriage.

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John is much closer to his mother than he is to his father.

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I didn't bring them here.

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Many of the things Pizzaro had heard about the Inca treasure were true.

The police used Danny's daughter, Benson, to draw him out of his hiding.

I'm no hero.

Can you direct me to the nearest subway station?

That's all I wanted to hear.

Ice skating is kind of fun.

This is a pretty dress.

The girl was struck with grief.

I've written down all the numbers up to thirty-one.

Adrian has gambling debts.

I'd be happy to show you around.

Stop being a baby.

I thought it was inappropriate.


I learn the language by myself.

Is that real blood?

Have you been out here all night?

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Maybe Coleen was trying to warn us about something.

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I voted for her.


Antony is quite right.

Mikey followed Johan through the tunnel.

This letter purports to be his resignation.

You have every right to know what happened.

She hasn't come yet. She may have taken a wrong bus.

There is enough time to finish this homework.

I think we should do something.

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I wondered how long it would take you.

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The point we must clarify here is that the lines between amateur and professional in sport are beginning to disappear.


Have mercy on me and spare my life, please!


The light bulb burst.

They gave different explanations for the accident.

This box is made of paper.

Vladislav sounds sad.

I wish I had better news for you.

It was a fine day, so we went swimming.

They shouted for help.


You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

The television set needs to be fixed.

I am your father.

This should be illegal.

I don't know how to prove that I love you.

Pick me up 2:30 in front of the main gate.

Margaret is mad.

On Sunday we will travel to Germany.

It's awfully cold this evening.

Do you ever think about the time we spent together when we were kids?

There is a yard between the two houses.

Frederick Chopin created his first musical composition when he was seven.

Jarmo is having a bad day.

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Laurel didn't expect the test to be easy.

This policeman has more than twenty years of experience.

You must not shout at him.

Yesterday I was on my way home from work when I ran smack into my old girlfriend.

We're invited to dinner.


I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.

Eva and I haven't seen each other for a long time.

Spock is a slow eater.


Who do you guys work for?

Did you come here by train or by bus?

I just finished doing it.


Toerless fumbled with his keys.


Milo could see that Jared was texting.