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He stood with his hands in his pockets.


I'm too busy to talk with Rebecca right now.

In 1917, Europe was at war.

I'm not contradicting them.

Carole could've had this job if he'd wanted it.

It's been six years since I started to study English.

I know that you're trying to ridicule me with these kind of questions.

Do you have wet wipes? I spilled coffee on my pants.

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The free market system is endangered.

Granville is not going to do it.

I don't think you need to tell Louis anything about what happened.

You were busy.

She wove the grass into a basket.

I want a friend.

Have you already written in your diary today?

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Let me do this.

That's not what I meant. I'm not being sexist. Men and women are just different.

He was greatly influenced by a number of books on literature by the scholar.

Do you want to do something after school?

What do you advise?

I'm no longer surprised by anything.

Every piece of reading matter calls for a different kind of reading.

Roberto stopped to talk to Owen.

Frederick is always nagging me.

He arrived in Japan yesterday.

The coin is gold.

Lorraine has to do a lot of things before noon.

Patrick is accustomed to hard work.

I'd like to talk to them myself.

It is snowing.

His bravery to save the child from drowning is above praise.

A big animal ran away from the zoo.

To err is human, but to persist in error is diabolical.

I'm well ahead of schedule.

Tareq died three years later.

He isn't smart enough to do mental arithmetic.

It really hurts.

Now that I've lost my virginity, I feel much more confident.


There was nothing Knudsen could do about it.

What are all those bruises?

Look at the clear sky.

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The period is missing at the end of the sentence.

That leaves no room for doubt.

There's nothing we can do tonight.

Dan sexually abused Linda.

There's something I need to say to you.

Sooner or later I'll take a hammer and I'll destroy everything I'll see.

Let's hope next year will be better.

This is the key which I have been looking for.

Want of wit is worse than want of gear.

It's a chemistry fundamentals class.

Juliane died at the age of thirty.


Vern came to the rescue.


We limit baggage to ten kilograms each.


I'll punch your lights out!

I often go to the cinema.

Your composition is correct, as far as grammar is concerned.


Have you been injured?

We marveled at the little boy's eloquence.

Can you lend me 500 yen?

Do you have a back exit?

She wears her hair loose.

Many trees lose their leaves in the winter.

Do you speak French?

It seems warm outside.

You've got my personal guarantee.

Are you really going to wear that?

Why is everybody so worried about Gretchen?


I'd love to see her.

You're not a spy, or are you?

You're the one that wanted to see me.

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Has she gotten married before?

Life is full of confusing things.

We're joined by the red string of fate!


I'm not going to let you go.


We're talking about them.

What is the next class?

The mail is delayed because of the strike.

We need to find him tonight.

Dana dozed off during the meeting.

Teriann's eyes are closed.

I was with him last week.

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I have to go find her.

Meehan told William he didn't want her to do that anymore.

It's not my case.

Yumi speaks very good English.

I think you should buy this.

Even the best-laid plans can go bust.

Fear of death is worse than death itself.


Tell her that I am reading the newspaper.


All of us hope that Laurie will be there.

How about going to a sushi bar right now?

I have to wake her up soon.

Was Mats born in Boston?

Earl stepped back from the blackboard.

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The next four to six weeks are crucial in controlling the massive Ebola outbreak.

Let's go find out.

He stared at the picture.

Don't put anything in the bag.

I didn't even notice what Mac was wearing.

Steen wrapped the sandwich in plastic.

I don't give a damn about the stock market!


He knows German and French, not to mention English.

Why would I take your car keys?

We had to cooperate with each other.


I was lonely.

The convenience store was overflowing with girls, I didn't have the urge to push my way through them and went home as I was.

Praise is always welcome.

Vassos sincerely believes that story.

It will work next time.

Do you want me to lose my job?

Lyndon has already signed the agreement.

This needs a steady hand.

Uri gave the cat some milk.


I reckon Jisheng will be interested.

Many people don't know that antibiotics are ineffective against viral diseases.

I've never actually ever met Amanda.

I've figured it out.

Sure. What can I do?

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I enjoyed myself last night.

The group was made up of six girls and four guys.

A twink performed a blowjob on me.

I have once been to Europe.

They got caught red-handed.

You cannot see your own face without a mirror.

You've been drugged.

I don't know how long I'll have to wait before my creative ability improves.

Give it up for him.

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Alastair wanted to see where Rodney went to high school.

Do you promise me you'll do that?

Have you turned the lights off yet?

I sing Gypsy songs.

You cannot prevent him from drinking.


Why don't you let her go?


Toufic borrowed my car.

She bought a toy for her child.

They've fooled you.

Mac could only think of one thing he really wanted to do.

Emmett has to work tomorrow.

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Have you packed your books yet?

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It's thanks to you.

I can't express my feelings.

It is safer to say that some men and some women are good at figures.

He called on state troops to end the strike.

You need to get to a doctor.

Who built this?

You are coming along, but still being a pain in the ass.

Triantaphyllos lives a few blocks from here.

Darrell can speak both French and English quite well.

She may well get angry.

Fay never wrote Kirsten back.

Feed that some rice.

Don't let him touch the computer.

What time will you arrive in Boston,Janice?

Religion is freedom and justice being sought in the entire region.

This never happens.

And the view isn't too bad either.

She answered in tears.

If I remember correctly, Lana and Blayne got married in October of 2003.

There are a million people in Auckland.

Should we try it again?


Would you think about marrying me?

I'm happy with it.

"You will be haunted," resumed the Ghost, "by Three Spirits."

Atherosclerosis reduces the inner diameter of arteries.

Are you sure you want to do this?


As soon as we get the tickets, we'll send them to you.

I'd rather not discuss Claudio.

Boys have their own bikes these days.

Ami is obedient.

You can always rely on Sanche.