I think Roxana is trying to trick us.

Why don't you just stay home and take it easy?


Nick has a flower in her hand.

I'd want someone to tell me what to do.

The postcard was finally delivered after 37 years.


Look at my new car.

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I advised Lievaart not to do that.

Why would I do that for you?

Some survived.

Can you justify your claim?

Have you heard about them?

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The group was made up of four young men.

My car is a gas-guzzler.

We will begin as soon as possible.

One thing I don't like about the iPad is that you can't easily install apps that aren't available through Apple's App Store.

I immediately stopped laughing.

Cristina doesn't clean up after himself.

I was afraid I'd never see you again.

Is there something in particular?

I'm always looking at you.

What else didn't you tell us?

He lives in a luxury apartment close to Central Park.

The International Space Station is the largest artificial body in orbit.

They watched Judge carefully.


He hit a speed ball with his bat.

What have you learned so far?

I have my passport.


Why are you siding with Ernie?


As far as I know, he's a diligent student.

It was me who was supposed to do this.

It hurts to say that Zlatan is the best we've had.

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It's depressing in here.

"Hey, everyone! I'm back!" "My boy, you're late. I hope you have an explanation." "Yeah, traffic was bad up from here to Koridai."

Juan made it to the airport by this morning.

We're all amateurs here.

I hope it helps.

I really do want to help her.

My alarm clock's ticking is too loud.

All the furniture was covered with dust.

I have never heard from him since.


Don't judge others based on the color of their skin.

He lost two sons in the war.

Oh, OK. Well, can you get me one?

The bus is at the bus station.

How kind of you to help me!

I'm not going to let it lie.

Why doesn't anybody help you?

What is the difference between raster and vector graphics?

Is there anybody who knows first aid?


I don't want you to tell this to anybody.


I don't like the taste of okra.

The boat is run by the dog.

Sure, go right ahead.

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I think you might need to take a short vacation.

That's why patients love you.

You know Patricio wants to help.

He treated me badly.

The country was governed by a French noble family.

I trusted you with my secret and you betrayed me.

The doctor told me to eat fewer high-calorie snacks.

Fred said you liked baseball.

Pua is going to sing.

Did you request medical attention for Sharada?

The plot was unbelievable.


He was overjoyed to find out that his son had succeeded.

This always makes me chuckle.

Gregg and Jerome are probably on vacation.

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Somebody else might get hurt.

My shoes are old, but his are new.

All citizens should respect the law.

She told him that she was happy.

"Here I come! ...Your Majesty, Duke Onkled is under attack by the evil forces of Ganon." "..." "Impa?! You're a slut!" "You smell like shit!" "Enough! Where's His Majesty?" "Ganon captured the King!" "Ganon is a prick..."

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Seth is on duty here tonight.

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Roland could still be in Boston.


Please tell Wendell Christofer wasn't doing anything wrong.


I didn't say Anita was smart.

I was drawing myself a bath and getting ready to relax when there was a knock on the door.

Don't you read the sports pages?

He was left all alone in the woods.

My father gave it to me when I was a kid.

It's not that bad yet.

Jean-Pierre drinks only bottled water.

We were trying to protect Hurf.

I left everything in there.

Take a short cut.

I agree with you. It is a bad day, but we have to make light of it.

I guess I'm too old for you.

Jimmy couldn't have helped Denis.

I'm glad to see you.

I think you should be the one to take Ann to the dentist's.

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Tell me where it is.

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His friend is an ex-Senator.

Hirotoshi finally mustered up the courage to ask Bobbie out.

Once a heifer has a calf, it is no longer a heifer; it is a cow.

Laura will get over it.

How much is the fare to Bikol?

I just hope I didn't bore you with my story.

He came down with a cold.

I work for a travel agency.

June told me he wanted to learn French.

Can you find the time to play with our daughter?

There's no life on the moon.

How did Rajeev become the boss?

Mickey is willing to negotiate.

Dan developed the film.

That tie is too expensive.

My parents are going to love you.

Santa Ana begged for mercy.


I canceled it.


Timo is ready.

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Step away from the car and put your hands on your head.

Keep your voice down!

You should've told me.


For the love of Heaven, don't get angry.

Can we do anything to help them?

Malcolm died of tuberculosis.

You would've liked her.

I've got three days off work next week.

As I will not be a slave, so I will not be a master.

I think that it's too big.


Syed has some pretty stupid ideas.

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Just follow my lead.

Is that too heavy for you?

Some men wear jewelry.


Walt is an ex-soldier.

He says one thing and means another.

He pointed to the tower over there.


Show me another example.

Give me a shot.

The two sisters are so alike.

Merril's eyes are bloodshot.

He used to be a man of fortune.


I told him nothing.

I want to make sure I understand what you're saying.

I felt very strongly about it.

I need a car.

To be accurate, he is to blame.


We've made mistakes.

You like to feel cash with your fingers, so you think money's more real.

I don't know what I can do.


He has a burning desire to become famous.

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Hi, Susan. How are you?

I'm glad that nothing bad happened.

You should just relax and go to sleep.


I'm sure you understand why we can't do that.


I want to be there the day that happens.

This package has been left here by him.

What's all that for?

I wrote his name down for fear I should forget it.

What a change!


I am a university student.

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Shai might not want to go swimming with us.

Stevan had a great night.

The Imari porcelain plate that my father cherished was quite heavy.


I usually go to school from Monday to Friday.

I wasn't expecting anything.

It is five years since the book was made into a movie.

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I want to go to a land without Mondays.


Could you tell me how to get to Osaka station?