I put bait on the hook.

Gail explained the rules.

Lewis is no longer alive.


How many letters did you send to Jesse?

How could you let this happen to me?

These are the same kind of car.


I definitely regret that.

Don't despise others because they are poor.

Go play baseball!

Ernest was murdered yesterday evening.

Summer is over.

You flatter me.

Bear in mind that, under such circumstances, we have no alternative but to find another buyer.

It's poor form to spit from the window into the street, or into the fire, or anywhere people might step on what you have spit.

Educational reforms still have a long way to go.

These boxes are fragile.

He who makes his bed must lie in it.


They still have many outstanding debts.

He was driving under the influence of alcohol.

I've misplaced my keys.


Those should eat breakfast.

He's a complete joke.

Rudy sang his son to sleep.

I asked them not to overreact.

Do you have to turn it clockwise or counter-clockwise?

It's quiet. Too quiet.

She had the hotel suite to herself.


Someone stole my bicycle.

Tetanus continues to kill!

Yesterday, I met one of my former teachers.

Hillel told me he had information on your son.

Lonhyn is just blowing smoke up your ass.


He had no notion of leaving his hometown.

Joseph Goebbels was the Nazi minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.

The president of the company, to whom I introduced you last Friday, wants to see you again.

I think you can help Sanity.

The cat is drinking.

Collect your gear.

Today my brother marries my best friend.

Gypsy wondered what he could do.

You had this planned, didn't you?

Now please hurry.

I had enough to do to look after my own children.


Have you ever eaten raw fish?

Your heart's still beating loud and clear.

He demands that they all turn in their papers on time.

This is a tropical storm. It'll be over soon.

This is not the answer he was expecting.

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Did you understand your mistake?

Once it was believed that the earth was the center of the universe.

Your room gets more sun than mine.

He's doing a handstand.

This print is too small to read.

Schoolteachers must have a lot of patience with the children.

Farouk can't play the guitar.

Herb's house must be around here somewhere.

It's in peak condition.

Renu didn't start to write songs until he was thirty.

She started laughing.

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I'd like to get you both to help me.

Stephen travels more than his boss.

Marvin didn't know that Mac could speak French.


Arlene was talking louder than he needed to.

I was assailed by the stupid, but unshakeable, idea that if I was imprudent enough to move my hand I'd be noticed.

Terri has been with Darci all day.

He jumped out of bed.

Do you really want me to give a speech?


Are you sure his name was Pilar?

He told me that he had no time to read books.

How can you say that our soldiers died in vain?

To make matters worse, it began to snow.

How long have you had this rash?

The food was horrible, and the waiter, surly.

He comes every day to visit his sick friend.

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I got myself something to eat.

Emmett's statement is pure nonsense.

He was absent from class.

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Please mind the gap between the train and the platform.


I don't know if I can do that.

I told Hillary how proud I was.

We're punctual.

I told them about you.

Acknowledge your own faults before criticizing others.


Do you know Mr Bingley?


She was thrown out of school.


We're all in this together.

Don't be such a couch potato!

I'll have two hot dogs with mustard and ketchup.


All life is a dream, and dreams themselves are only dreams.

For you to come out and say that kind of thing now would just be pouring oil on the fire.

I don't think like you.


No one is asking you to eat that.

I have never found that to be necessary.

You're watching Tatoeba TV.

I don't see Kevan as often as I'd like to.

He put his money in the box.

I didn't like her using my phone too much.

You were magnificent.

By the way, where were you?

The satellite launch was broadcast live.

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You need to give this to Irfan personally.

I think I should practice my reading.

Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.

The man walked similar to Courtney.

That boy speaks as if he were an adult.

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Stuart will be proud of you.

I have no other option.

It will have been snowing for five days tomorrow.

The voters won't put up for a tax hike.

I'm really out of it today. It must be because of my fever.

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Edith is in the habit of staying up late at night.

You probably control it.

Get down from your horse.


I lived overseas for ten years.


You'll be fine!

Dori poked the fire with a stick.

Get Boyd to help you.

I'm calling her again.

Let's leave.


The police are suspicious of the old man.


The chicken is worth four annas, and the masala is worth twelve annas.

I shouldn't have put my laptop so close to the edge of the table.

When did Lynnette give you that?

What Arthur says isn't quite true.

Luis would do anything to get Vijay's attention.

Tell him when you've got it in sight.

The American anthropologist Margaret Mead once said that one should never underestimate what a small group of dedicated people can accomplish.

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We are longing for world peace.


I cut class.

Hunting game is forbidden in this tranquil wilderness.

Dan was known to have high-powered weapons.

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This factory manufactures automobile parts.

Merril told us that he'd come in person.

My cousins are coming in a few days.

Barton takes several mental health days off work each year, because his job is so stressful.

Wake me up early tomorrow morning.


Marty is not a team player.

I don't exercise a lot these days.

Donnie entered the dark room and turned on the lights.

Stephan is coming down the stairs.

The company stopped losing money.


Through fear or pride, he made no answer.

People with agraphia can't write due to a brain injury.

That's gross.

That's what makes us different.

The old man went back to his lodging.

The river flooded a large area.

I'd like to see him tomorrow afternoon.


We're both planning to be at your party.

I'm violently sick.

I'm sorry, but I can't eat dinner with you.

I want to hike up this mountain.

Tomorrow morning, I'll wake up at 6.

Yesterday's turnover on the stock market was 500 million shares.

Could you give me your name and phone number?

We must keep down expenses.

We roared with laughter.


I brought something that I want to give you.

She sleeps with two pillows.

He played an important role on the committee.

What is it that Mara wants to eat?

Do you see any policeman over there?

Do you think Dwayne would be able to pick Ellen up at the airport?

That would be physically impossible.

I participated in that English specch contest.

He hastily packed his bags.