We hope that he can go there.

Ariel began to worry about how he was going to pay for his son's education.

Mariou did what they told him to do.

The strangest thing is that he saved his arch enemy from an unavoidable death.

See, I told you I could do it.

Is Heinz well?

Sekar has tested positive for Ebola.

I will give it to her tomorrow.

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I couldn't help but overhear your conversation.


You seemed to prefer it this way.

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She waited for him with patience.


He studied day and night in order to possibly become a lawyer.

Why would they do that?

Eddy didn't know who Naoto was planning to marry.

The burglar was traced by one of the things she had left on the scene.

This textbook is designed for beginners.


I was about to leave the house then.

Panos weighs more than Harv.

I think you should be the one to take List to the dentist's.

Wilmer told Dani what he really thought of her.

He knows countless places.

Jane wished he had something to do.

Call her tomorrow.

Root told me Bjorne wouldn't want to go.

I think it's much better now.

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I brought a jacket because it was quite cool this morning.

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Phiroze lives a few blocks away from Shai.

I kept the cheese in the cellar.

I'd rather die.


My dog likes you.

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Did you go to office yesterday?

Good bye and thanks a lot, Little Venusian says.

Stanislaw wanted Rudy.

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I plan to finish it in two or three minutes.

I didn't think Vern would make it through the night, so I stayed by his bedside.

Phillip never asked why.

Could you do me favor?

Most young people have mobile phones.

That's powdered medicine.

What about a beer?


One of my friends bought a red car.


I worked at a car wash when I lived in Boston.


I can come back.

Sometimes I still miss her.

Will feeding my dog garlic cause any problems?

This hill of termites is located in Tanzania.

Get out of my house and never come back.

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By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community.

It was extraordinary that he did not agree.

If you push the button, the door will open.

Clyde totaled his car.

Harden up!

You are under no obligation to divulge that information.

I spent three years in Boston.


This is the first time I've ever received a parcel from abroad.

The crossroads where the accident happened is near here.

I'm not a doctor.


Don't yell at me.

Clarity comes first.

What is your problem?


Property is the right to use & abuse; it engenders despotism.

Apple is still very secretive with regard to the release date and the price.

Then they played Jump The Daisies and Run Through The Clover.

You've got nowhere else to go today; it's windy.

I am very tired from a long drive.

The first stage is complete.

My best friend is like a brother to me.

I'll be taking it from here.

Everybody is excited.

Anna never thought that Marguerite would say yes.

Unfortunately, these beautiful words are not mine.

I have my own house.

He's rarely on the Internet.


This is really too much.

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Listen and choose the best answer.

They're running without shoes.

Not being able to carry out payments on time can cause very large losses for the consumer.

What goes on in this room?

I really hate this.


I think I know who it might've been.

Raul will explain it to you when he comes back.

It is beneath you to say such a thing.

Rich went on a road trip with her friends.

Where are the luggage carts?

The building's structure is compromised.

I'm twice as hungry as I was before.

I don't speak French as well as you think I do.

Would you like us to go to the game together?

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I think he's a bad person.

Rafael didn't wear a suit.

I wanted to talk to you before you left.

The delegates elected him on the first vote.

Do you feel like less of a man?

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Stanislaw gave Stu everything.

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The operation went smoothly.

The doors lock automatically.

I am in full accord with your view.

What time do you usually get up?

I want to buy myself a garbage disposal.

Does Hwa work here?

Interest in German is growing, particularly in China, India and Brazil.

I was thinking about something Rhonda said yesterday.

Skyscrapers are beautiful structures.

I can run fast enough to catch up with him.

I hate having a monotonous life.


Let them know where I am.


Brian wondered why Sridhar wasn't as busy as everybody else.

If only I had known this before taking this test!

Matthieu found the office door locked.

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We are drawing animals.

He spoke to whoever came into the room.

The dress in the window caught your eye.

Skeeter said he hoped that Masanao would come to his party.

25 times 6 equals 1_0. What is the missing digit?


You seem pretty calm about it.

He got over his difficulties.

He read a book all morning.

My father would often read the poem aloud.

He seized on the unprecedented opportunity.

You may be seated.

Is it a bad idea to eat cockroaches?


Just tell me who you are.


I'm not giving an inch.

Can you do without the car tomorrow? I need it.

Are you sure this is what we're supposed to do?

Sorry I'm late.

We've been waiting over two months.


Diane really likes detective novels.

On arriving in the town, he went straight to see her.

I'm probably not as tired as Bert is.

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I'm convinced Saify can succeed.

I scored 100 on the maths exam.

I made Albert a doll.

The character of every act depends upon the circumstances in which it is done.

Can I get a vodka tonic?

Everybody knew exactly what was going on.

The army was advancing in the wrong direction.


You told me that you were in Boston last summer.

Brenda took out his phone and called Marvin.

Jesus turned water into wine.


He shut the door behind him.


I intend to get to the bottom of this affair.


Can someone get that call?


In my circle of friends there are two people who are professional singers.

You are such a sweetheart.

Her eyes settled on the dress.

He likes not only music but sports.

Dannie says he feels like he might throw up.


We're never going to find him.

If you're going to say it, you have to say it with force, and take away your opponent's ability to retaliate.

I'm sick and tired of your complaints.

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I've just come back.

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I love to read books.


Don't sweat the small stuff.


Did you have fun with them?

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Honesty is one of the most beautiful things in the world.


Johnathan is a friend of my dad's.