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The Resurgence of Irish Whiskey - Article - Strong Water

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Irish whiskey is having a moment—and that moment isn’t just because of St. Patrick’s Day. Sales to America have risen by 409 percent in the last decade, making it the fastest growing spirit in the country.

Taking Tequila Back to its Roots

Judging by a Saturday night in any bar around America, you’d be hard pressed to say tequila was in any trouble. But as its popularity soars, the traditional methods used to produce the 400-year-old spirit are in steady decline, along with the health of many species of agave plants. And now a group of bartenders, distillers, and generally aggrieved agave fans have decided to do something about it.

Orange Mule - Cocktail - Strong Water

Orange Juice Cocktails Beyond The Screwdriver

It’s National Orange Juice Day, and here at Thirstie, we’re (not surprisingly) celebrating in a boozy way. Everyone knows how to make a screwdriver—one part vodka to two parts orange juice—so today we’re going to share some delicious orange juice cocktails that go beyond this classic. Orange juice is pretty much a blank canvas when it comes to mixology, so get creative with it! And don’t hesitate to enjoy one with brunch—because it’s orange juice, after all.

Des-gin Business Cards

The Tasting Room: Des-gin

Alex Levin and Andrew Maruska, the founders of Desgin, say a typo of the word ‘design’ sparked an idea which eventually turned into their craft gin, Desgin. By day, the pair run their own separate creative agencies and created this gin in the hopes of appealing to fellow creative and design professionals.

National Bock Beer Day - Strong Water

Our Top Picks for National Bock Beer Day

During Medieval times, European monks not only had the thankless task of keeping the Catholic Church up and running, they were also obligated to fast during Lent. As a way to keep their sanity, some quick-thinking and ethically-dubious German monks developed a workaround – bock beer.

Wines to Enjoy at SXSW

The weather will be hot and sultry in Texas if you are attending this iconic festival. There will also be a lot of delicious local eats on offer—and yes that might include great local BBQ which is likely to have a tomato-based sauce—so be ready to dive in with a handful of focused suggestions.

Top 5 Irish Whiskies to Try for St. Patrick’s Day

If the days of swilling green beer on St. Patrick’s Day are behind you but the desire to celebrate the Irish holiday isn’t, how about breaking out ‘some of the good stuff’ in honor of the Emerald Isle’s most famous saint?

The 5 Best Distilleries to Visit in Ireland

There has never been a shortage of reasons to visit the rolling green hills and historic castle fortresses of Ireland, but a specific kind of cultural attraction has been gaining popularity on the Emerald Isle in recent years—whiskey distilleries. The facilities behind Ireland’s world-famous whiskeys open their doors to international visitors who are interested in tasting this native spirit as well as seeing the traditional distilling practices that go into creating it. Here are a few worth visiting if you’re planning a trip to Ireland.