That sort of thing should be done away with.

This is where you're wrong.

Watch out, the man has a gun.

Michiel didn't approve of his daughter seeing a married man.


You're very likely wrong about that.

I found her pictures in your drawer.

Though I refused repeatedly, he insisted that I should go there.

Black and white photos have a special charm.

You know Grievous Bodily Harm? Just how bad do the injuries have to be before it counts as Grievous?

Give my best regards to your family.

Prices have soared every year.


A funeral is a pageant whereby we attest our respect for the dead by enriching the undertaker, and strengthen our grief by an expenditure that deepens our groans and doubles our tears.

I come from Trondheim.

Merton finished second.

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Douglas can walk on his hands.


Don't try to stop me! I'm going to the party no matter what.

I told her that I'd help her.

I can teach you how to hunt.


She took part in the contest.


The sugar is sweet.

Let's hope Tollefsen doesn't walk in.

He probably knows.


Is that love?

Would you care for some more cake?

My teacher is Mr. Haddad.

Teresa tried to cheer Philip up.

Bud never responded.


You have mail.


But I want a car.

I have a flat tire.

They're right behind me.

They have decided to put aside old wounds.

What did you two talk about?

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Maybe you can help me.

My mother was usually very busy.

I think I'll go to bed early tonight.

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I'm not undressing you.

I'm so hungry.

Someone like you can change the world.

We're glad to be here.

I don't know what can be done about it.

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Cristina always believes me.


You have meat.

Did you remember to turn off the gas?

Well Lou, how is it being married? Do you like it?

There's a lot more to the story.

This is extremely confidential.

It won't be lonely here.

This holiday isn't much fun - we should have gone home.

You might just be able to stop me.

Send Shannon in, please.

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Phill doesn't have a driver's license yet.


You seemed happy here.

Bud pumped up the tire.

If you want to fire me, fire me.

I was going to hand in my application form to the boss today, but he beat me to the punch.

I don't let Kevin make decisions for me.

We needed that.

She asked him to come into her house.

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Toss it there!

He invades the privacy of others.

Do you really think that's going to work?

She acquired a knowledge of French.

Jurevis and Nadeem haven't unpacked their suitcases yet.

We advised them to start early.

I believed him.


Pedro doesn't really want me at his party.

You are seeing a man.

I wonder if Lenora will do it for me.


He must have drunk too much last night.

Did you buy anything?

After two years, she already spoke fluent German.

You should've seen your face.

Do not disturb, I'm studying languages!

I just finished the work.

I don't want you to think I don't mean that.

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Peter could tell that she was bored.

Urs doesn't know where Matti has gone.

I used to be able to sing that song.

We must not speak ill of others behind their backs.

Hiroko has charming features.

I'm glad to meet you, too, Mr Ito.

Did you sleep much last night?

The donkeys were carrying heavy packs.

Penny is taller than his mother.

They're playing chess.

Have you had an answer?

Pria built a pillow fort.

He grows rice.

Winston heard someone running down the hall.

I've got blisters.

I forgot to tell Cliff what time to meet us.

I'm friends with her sister.

I don't think Bobbie will be coming back.

Roses have thorns on their stems.

I was only saying my prayers.

I want to go camping.

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What floor do you live on?

I'd like to spend the rest of my life with you.

Mosur was told he had cancer just recently.

Is there a cat on the table?

Ritchey is one of the three men that came here yesterday.

It's certainly something to think about.

My father was about to leave when the telephone rang.

Marie suffered from indigestion when she ate rich food.

Margie is really selfish.

We can talk about it in the future.

I'll never forget how kind you have been.

Although there was no wind blowing, the door opened of itself.

Maturity is a bitter disappointment for which no remedy exists, unless laughter could be said to remedy anything.

He left early; otherwise he could not have caught the train.

I'd like three sugar cubes in the milk.

I'm cultured.

I didn't send Masanao any wine.

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Humor me.


When people meet, first impressions determine more than 50 percent of whatever happens next.


I want to be a pilot when I grow up.


She has a headache.

In the morning, the air is cool.

God created the earth in six days.

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I'm pretty sure Joe and Thuan are having a party next week.

Women worked at home.

Don't throw rocks into the river.


I'll miss your cooking.

I grew up in that house.

Ernest and Art are at each other's' throats.


Have you ever fallen into a well?

Dice have differences in design in different cultures.

Dirk wants to build an ostentatious and smart house.

My mom disapproves of him.

I trusted Todd.

My uncle made me serve as interpreter.

The newspaper boy delivers in all weather.

Claudio convinced Dean that she was wrong.

Reiner doesn't like Elliot either.

We'd like to speak with her.

There is a yellow rose.


Did you know that Martha quit his job?


Gigi said he didn't like this.


Amos isn't going to hurt anyone.

Wait for them.

He is a little slow, but otherwise he is a good student.


When he heard the news, he turned pale.

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Last year's output of coal fell short of the standard.

Is there anybody you want me to call?

Stop asking questions.

Her remark got on my nerves.

It is such warm weather that the roses will bloom soon.

Spass doesn't have to make up his mind right now.

There are plenty more of those.

Loren introduced Kory to his mother.

The fine arts flourished in Italy in the 15th century.

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My insurance will not cover any kind of alternative medicine.

Marian asked Shane not to go.

There's room for discussion.

Markus heard through the grapevine that Tal had gotten into Harvard.

I think Suu should be able to do that by himself.

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Don't take out the books on this shelf.

She may have been surprised when she heard the news.

We don't have sex anymore.

He hurried to his parents as soon as he received the letter.

A heron, a crab, lots of fish and other creatures used to live in a pond.

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My wife was there.

I can't disagree with Natraj.

Root never wanted to go swimming as a kid.