Saify gave me what I needed.

It's hard to keep a secret from Art.

It is possible for him to do the job.

I hope it gets better.

I can't agree with her.

We must find something to plug up this hole.


Who's confused?

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Am I speaking with Taylor?

Wolf asked me to give this to you.

Have you ever been to the Tokyo Dome?

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Kirsten did something very, very stupid.

Can you tell green from blue?

I'm going to be right there, OK?

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Puran Polis are made using jaggery.

Drew had to tell his brother that he couldn't afford to attend his wedding.

Judy is the only woman on the board.

This is the first time I've ever been pregnant.

I have no knowledge about their plans.

Climbing the Matterhorn is difficult.

Our headquarters will remain in Boston.

Great! The coffee is hot.

Let's be serious.

I wouldn't have gotten the job if you hadn't recommended me.

Werner looked a little unconvinced.

This room doesn't get much sun.

The ground was cold.

She excels them all at swimming.

Les nodded his head in thanks.


It is the oldest wooden building in existence.

Masanobu's house is really big.

I forgot one.

You'll be told when you can go.

I wonder if there exists a level that's lower than "user"?

Francois was terribly disappointed.

I'll be over in half an hour.


Sedovic asked the DJ for a slow song.

Do you have enough time?

I hardly ever throw food away.

We'll sort it out later.

You'll remember that, I'm pretty sure.

Beth argued that Sally was only pretending to be innocent.

Wayne quickly got dressed.

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Isn't anyone going to thank me?

Presley opposed her son's decision to get married.

She advised him on what books to read.

Panacea was utterly disappointed.

Sometimes, you think too much.

I don't know much about today's revolutions.

Kit is a little scared, isn't he?

"Are you angry at me?" "You bet I am!"

I'm sure there's no need to be afraid.

The explorers ventured inside the caverns.

When's dinner?

Don't go through the lobby.

How beautiful my sewn drapes are.

I tripped.

He is a good fellow at heart.

Christina is really popular, isn't he?

Mickey isn't looking much happier.

I wish that I could do more.

Are you the pathologist?


That is such a high mountain as old people can't climb.

I'm just so grateful for you.

I later realized that Beijing people walk slowly.


I've never heard her speak ill of others.

It's time for your medication.

Dirk had to go to work.

The women whose daughter you spoke to doesn't live here.

I couldn't understand a thing from what he said.

The old farmer takes potshots at people who stray too close to his property.

Just leave me alone. You're pathetic.

I've dreamed about this.

I don't play internet games.

I have no reason to resign.

They swam with the dolphins.

Everyone said no.

Fear instead of sleep stands near, that I close not my eyes.

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Please push this button at once in case of emergency.


This race is already won.

Twenty miles is a long distance to walk.

I already know you're crazy.

My sister didn't help me.

This cuisine is seasoned to evoke the esprit of Paris.

My little sister and I used to play tag a lot. We would chase each other, and the one chasing would try to tag the one being chased and yell: "You're it!"

Kissing Antonio was a mistake.

He must be crazy to behave like that.

Don't you believe them?

Put out the fire.

I saw her at the funeral today.

Why did Del want you dead?

That flower has a powerful smell.

My mother tongue is Spanish.

Thank him for the help.


When can we see her?

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Why don't you just let Jeanne talk?

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Why don't you just talk to her?

Elizabeth is fishing for trout about a hundred meters downstream from here.

You could help.

Some people are really intelligent.

You don't have a key, do you?

She did not overlook whatever difference there was between what was right and what was wrong.

He came down with a cold and had to be away from work.

I prefer walking.

I think I can explain what's going on.

It's absurd of you to do that.

We tried it out yesterday; as expected, it was really good.

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This is a triangle.

We've got a lot of things that need to be fixed.

Why doesn't she visit me anymore?

It was raining hard, so we played indoors.

I think you'll be fine.


I'll do the rest.

He could not refrain from smiling, though with a slight sense of guilt.

Affluence leads to chagrin.


The atmosphere can become rather strained.

How much is the room charge?

Each speaker was allotted five minutes.

Send him up.

The bungalow is approached only by a narrow path.

School was fun today.

Whether you like it or not, you'll have to do it.

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I know that Mike likes basketball.

I have one in the car.

Shawn's face showed his surprise.


I've missed this.

There are few passengers on this train.

I'm sorry to hear about what happened to Randal.

Pria is a rebel.

I'm coming!

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Do you really want to go to Boston by yourself?

This is important to him.

He doesn't even remember what happened last night.

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The song reminds me of my home.

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I have to meet with Lenny.


How long do I have to stay here?


We're closer than we've ever been.

I remember his face but I can't call his name to mind.

This clock seems to be malfunctioning.

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Do you always wear green on St. Patrick's Day?

He is an Italian Jew who has lived in France for a long time.

He made the plan along with his colleagues.


Nils seems contented.

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As far as I know, he has never made such a mistake.

On an island in the Seine, there is a big church called Notre Dame.

I come from China.


Shut the door quietly.

My body still hurts, but that multi-day holiday trip was super fun!

We're from here.

I wish I could swim as well as you do.

In America a crude expression for "The device has failed" is "It shit the bed."

Murray didn't have to eat that if he didn't want to.

I refuse to herd geese any longer with that girl.

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Christopher is quite mean.

The chicks hatched in April have also become 5 months old. Their bodies are about the same size as their parents, about the only difference is that the roosters have smaller crests than their father.

Do you see much of Ravindranath?

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Nitrous oxide stopped being used as an anaesthetic a long time ago.

A Persian cat was sleeping under the table.

I live on the 6th floor.

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That sounds real bad.

I wondered what time the concert would begin.

Sit down and rest for a while.

Ubuntu includes lots of software.

Either of my parents must go to the meeting.

Count to ten.

All you have to do is read these two pages.

It's happened to us all before.

I need to go get some eggs.

You people are amazing.

I'm looking for a gift for my friend.