They say you shouldn't take rumors seriously, but that's easier said than done.

The problems of air and water pollution will be intensified by the growth of inhabitants.

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Bart was even busier than I was.


He was the first to come.

I'm not a ghost-writer, I'm the ghost of a deceased writer.

I want to know what you're going to do about it.

How do they come up with these names?

Don't back off.

I will do everything in my power.

I'm not a good fit for this neighborhood.

Come at once.

In the last few years it happened frequently.

Leave the lights on.

Lee will starve.


You're the one who should be worried.

The government watched the activities of radical groups carefully.

Hands reveal our inward emotions.

Just married.

What do you want to drink?

The river is shallow at this point.

She was the queen of the ball.

It's snowing in Boston.

Ramiro has a baby face.


This is the final boarding call for Flight 33 to Boston, boarding at Gate 13A.


That is why she didn't join them.

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Good luck with that.

Who told you where my office was?

I can't agree with you with regard to the new plan.

You should've heard me. I shouted as loud as I could.

I am looking for a book about medieval Spain.

She eyed him suspiciously.

As far as she goes, yea, she does have those few faults, but it's just those faults of hers that make me like her even more.


She was so kind as to take me to the hospital.

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Her book quickly became a bestseller.

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I am playing a game with my sister.

In Japan almost all roads are single lane.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to your party.

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Enlightenment is like everyday consciousness but two inches above the ground.


One drop of this poison is enough to kill 160 people.

Do not interfere with Ian while he is reading.

So, will you do it?


He remained abroad later on.

He paid the money back.

Matthias has suffered many disappointments in her life.

Dan did some research on Linda.

I'll ask her about it tomorrow.

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Should cannabis be legal?

I help her almost every day.

We just managed to catch the last train.


Esperanto nouns always end in o.

I just need to tell you this.

Everyone knows that this chemical is harmful to man.


There is violence and chaos in the streets.


Clara doesn't ever want to see Carisa again.


Too much is at stake.

I don't know who they are.

You'll never guess where I am.

I'm kind of sick today.

I politely corrected her.


I have had fun.


Why are you so poor when you're so smart?

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It is no wonder that he has failed.

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The river overflowed.

I love serious music.

He just got home.


We won't use that.

I closed one.

We've got a pool.

We've missed the boat.

But few of them are worth reading.


What do we live for?


Please find some hotel where the rates are moderate.

Try to reproduce the music in your mind.

Can I have some?


It is always the case with him.

Nanda's choices are limited.

Debbie is in the kitchen making dinner.


All the films are boring.

What are you and Kristian up to?

What do you think I should take?


When I was very small, we lived in a house in Utsunomiya, about a hundred kilometres north of Tokyo.

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I am Laurianne.

I wish you a nice weekend!

You look familiar to me.

Whose idea was it to fire us?

Turkeer got a speeding ticket.


He is sixty, if a day.

I need to move slowly.

Well, at least she didn't get wet.

I shouldn't have used Shaw's knife without asking him first.

I don't like snack bars. They're expensive, noisy, and full of the smell of tobacco and fried food.

It's on the sofa.

There's no way to get in touch with him.

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Can you clean the mess up?

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What's taking so long?


Tell him the problem is solved.


He looks down on women.

I've always liked you, Pilar.

Get everybody out.


There's absolutely no risk.

You're my new assistant.

Mayo's girlfriend's name is Ragnar.


Murthy sent the letter to the wrong address.

The top of the mountain is covered with snow.

He's got a couple of screws loose.


The first season of the year is spring.

It's incredible!

Get out here, fast!

Do not feed the troll.

They took off after him.


He repeated his question.

Eleven o'clock is my regular time for going to bed.

I can't find it. Are you sure it's here?

I thought Elizabeth would want to see this movie.

He tried in vain to convince them of his innocence.

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Although he was in such circumstances, he made his way by himself.

The greedy little child ate all the food.

I can't blame Jeannie for that.


This little girl let the birds escape.

In summary, you can call the ship, with complete justification, a floating sanatorium.

Everybody says that he's an effeminate guy.

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I guess you're better than Gregg.


I can speak neither French nor German.

I turned right.

Did something happen to them?


You will wash dishes, won't you?

Hiroyuki Jackson didn't attend Senator John Smith's funeral.

I don't leave the doors open, because there are animals in my neighborhood.

I have never climbed Mt. Fuji.

For example, Pepperberg would show Alex an object, such as a green wooden peg or a red paper triangle.

Cecilia simply can't be trusted.

The more foolish a child is, the cuter he seems to his parents.


I had a class with Mrs. Tortello.


I know very little about classical music.


What fun would that be?

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One must be absolutely modern.

It's easy to have a clear conscience when it's not used.

Don't die.

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He is not the rough motorcycle gang member he was before.

I wouldn't be surprised if Christie left early.

Leon sang at church.

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You don't seem to understand what's happened.

Mat is Malus's grandfather.

We can't trust Danny with something like this.

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May I ask a favor of you?

I really want to know what's happening here.

I never asked for it.

I saw five airplanes flying away like so many birds.

He hopes to entice her into doing what he wants.

Hillary isn't doing all that well.

Shut up! Don't bring that matter up!