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All day she thought of nothing but how she should get rid of the twins; and at last an evil idea came into her head, and she determined to send them out into the great gloomy wood where a wicked witch lived.

We have a right to work here.

We mustn't burn our forest, because it is the source of the oxygen we breathe.

Eileen had nothing more to add.

Both teams have improved.

Have you already gone to the polls today?

The level of the school is high.

My parents are opposed to my sister marrying a foreigner.

Why would I mind?


We consumers must buy more domestic products.

Coleen is obviously frustrated.

My wife gets on well with my mother.

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It'll be fine.

Seymour is going to take care of it.

Stanley is very impatient, isn't he?

He is not a singer, but an actor.

Can you exchange a 10000 yen note into 50 pence coins?


We can do whatever we want.


You may return.

I'm sorry that I missed this morning's staff meeting.

Per, I've got to tell you something.

You're just being paranoid.

He apologized to them for taking up their time.

Dave pushed her hand away.

How can we kill time?

Do you like it? I like it.

I'm not sure I can be of any help.

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Do you eat spaghetti by twirling it around your fork?

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Everybody used to call him Tony.

That's a lame excuse for giving up the work.

Today I went and ate lunch at a restaurant.

What have you eaten today?

I'm not going to forget you.


Could we speak French?

Keep the change.

It cannot be denied that he is guilty.

What are you looking for in there?

Things didn't work out between Kimberly and Surya.

I work at the embassy.

Robin knew it was going to be tough to convince Arnold that she was too old to drive.


We were joking.

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I've been on the ship a lot since the last time we talked.

John, are you and Amanda brothers?

I don't drink more beer.

He hates shopping.

I want to be happy again.

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I can go there, wherever you want.

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Murray suffered from the delusion that strangers could hear his thoughts. Of course that's nonsense.


Lock the door.

I was young and I needed the money.

Jellyfish make up up to 40% of the biomass of the ocean.

Frances handed Maureen a list of questions.

You don't need to say it in such derogatory terms.

We're all unique.

I can't do without this dictionary.

Have you seen Paul today?

He went out without saying goodbye to me.

We watched him until he was out of sight.

Many people lost their jobs.


Refugees in that camp have been living from hand to mouth for a month.

As is known, the first to give in is smarter. It's easier for an adult man than a teenager to do it. The victory over your own child won't embellish you.

Amedeo fell off the roof and broke three ribs.


Stop making a fool of yourself.


On September 20, 1951, a monkey named Yorick and 11 mice were recovered after an Aerobee missile flight of 236,000 feet at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico. Yorick got a fair amount of press as the first monkey to live through a space flight.

I am walking to the ladies room.

It won't be any problem at all.


You don't even know why you're here.

It all worked out OK.

She got 80 marks for English.

I don't like that guy.

I'm sure it's a good one.

Sheila used up all his water.

The athlete had a strong build.

I'll be in the attic.

Let's start where we left off yesterday.

She cannot be trusted.

Tell me what you did to Shounan.

There were survivors.

Did you read the book I gave you?

Two's company, three's a crowd.

I'd like you to get two adjacent rooms.

He is the oldest of them all.

It would be great if you could come with us.

Shall we take a taxi?

I wish I could play the guitar as well as you do.

We'll give you as many bonus miles as the normal air miles!

Have you ever wondered how many stars are in the sky?

I asked Cristi to confirm my findings.

Holly and Syun spent the afternoon baking pumpkin pies.

The party is over.

I often go to the beach.

When I flew to New York, I was told to check in two hours before my flight.

You'll have to come with us.

I don't believe a word of it.

Now I understand everything.

The student became very nervous with the teacher watching him.

I've played that song so many times I could do it in my sleep.


Did you order this?


Do you have time to eat lunch with me?

She said everything will be over between us.

She misses her family a lot.

We can find societies without science, without art or without philosophy; but there never was a society without religion.

You are happy.

Lucius's car is gone.

Ramon bought a pair of leather motorcycle gloves.

What's the theme of the novel?

They have plenty of money.


Christofer enjoys a good challenge.


I thought nothing of it.

Did you make any money out of that business?

The truth doesn't need many words.


Sir cried tears of rage.


Nou's house has three bedrooms.


I want Ruth gone by noon.


Norman looks pretty shaken up.

You are not to leave this building.

I have nothing to say.


I'm not sure I'm ready for this.

Effective use of disinfectant is an important subject in relation to infection control in hospitals.

These flowers are so beautiful, aren't they?

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I reflected on the problem.

This will serve as a check on their work.

I don't want you there.

"Tad is not in love with me." "Are you sure?"

The police are now inquiring into the cause of the fire.


I'll be waiting for you outside.


What do you associate this song with?

This company sold unsafe products.

He refused to make quick decisions.

Nancy doesn't play tennis.

Do you mind if we come in?

This is getting on my nerves.

Himawan opened the closet and hung up his coat.

The baseball game was called off on account of the rain.

There's a hole in this.

We've got to be out of here by 2:30.

I'm also thinking to go to Beijing.

You are enough.

He lives like a monk.

You're new around here, aren't you?

Are you saying Jinny was wrong?

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There appears to have been an accident.


He made believe he was a doctor.

Sanche isn't very good at mathematics.

She drew a circle on a piece of paper with a pencil.

He is here!

He has worked throughout the whole day.

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I don't think it looks bad. It's just not my style.

I used to work for him.

Oleg made fun of Laurent.

How do you know all this?

Do you like Korean food?


I intend to skip lunch for a week starting today.

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Make the hoe your sword, and the sword your hoe.

Barry doesn't know how long the meeting will last.

Turkeer used to sing to me when I was a kid.


Show a little respect.

They ran.

This place is ours.

The letter got lost in the mail.

Hey! Throw that float to me.

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You're frightening me.


What are you searching for?