Rather dead than red.

Is this money still legal tender?


I took over my father's job.

Tell us your impressions.

Sumitro never told me he didn't like Andrew.

The population of Australia is much smaller than that of Japan.

Ernest has nothing to be scared of.

He used to read a lot.

Is there anything I should know?

You're better than Gregory.

We're all unemployed.


I want you to lie down face down on the floor.


Kazuhiro asked Tim what she had been doing all morning.

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Because of the snow, I couldn't see anything.

Your time is up.

Leigh works indoors.

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I couldn't walk.


Antony is doubtful.

Let me get you some ice.

"I don't understand Christmas, " said Charlie Brown.

He ate up the steak and ordered another.

I went to middle school in Japan.

I've been looking forward to this.

I want to do my best to help Len.

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If she were happy, she would play much better.

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Margot has been in and out of mental hospitals most of his life.

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I'm staying at the Hilton.


Mosquitoes are carriers of diseases.

What's your favorite subject?

I know how important Romain is to you.


Could you close the window, please?

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What's all the excitement about?


I'll never play golf with Byron again.

Dinner is probably ready by now.

You tricked Roxane into coming here, didn't you?

You have a large family to support; don't play for high stakes.

He kept an eye on them.

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I'm sick of eating fast food.

What is happening?

Tatoeba: Did you think that microchipping members with their sentences is far-fetched?

This fighter jet is one of Russia's fastest weapons.

I don't know what to do tonight!

Would the two of you shut up?

I don't diet anymore, I just try to eat healthy, exercise, and if I lose weight, great.


Emma could barely contain his anger.

So many tasty foods can be prepared with eggplants!

He has been absent since last Monday.


Maybe Tait can tell us what we need to know.

You don't know how to say thanks.

Dan is Linda's one true love.


"I refuse to herd geese any longer with that girl." "For what reason?" asked the old King. "Because she does nothing but annoy me all day long," replied Curdken.


Where's Gordon's mother?


You have to take off your shoes before entering houses.

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Why am I so complicated?

Why were they here?

Ron thought he should try defusing the situation quickly.

Hein is quite reserved, isn't he?

Christie didn't do the dishes.

We want the same thing.

We're not open on Thanksgiving.


These headphones are both stylish and comfortable.

Please help me pick out a sweater which matches my new dress.

Water is good.

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The software has been updated.

I promise I'll stop procrastinating. Tomorrow.

This is a small village.

You should stay away from cults like that before you turn into a moron.

That was a dumb question.

Samir and Emil are often together.

The Swiss are not Swedes.

The white umbrella is yours.

I've started bleeding.

We want the government to serve the whole nation.

A firewall will guarantee Internet security.


I can only work so fast.


This book deals with psychology.

I don't like either tea or coffee.

Paul doesn't go to church.

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There is a hospital in the town.

Who organized the meeting?

Duncan does need you.


I used to be good at this.

Look before you leap.

Julius is being very careful.

She kept him waiting half an hour.

Taking moderate exercise will do you good.

Some people say that it is human nature to root for the underdog.

Friendship is a plant which must be often watered.

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Al hates you more than ever now.

Philippe isn't a boy anymore.

Bring your best game.

Hey! Come here please!

We're glad to see you.

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The left front tire looks low.


It has happened before and it will probably happen again.

Good night everyone!

The bank loaned him 500 dollars.

Suzanne told Rathnakumar he'd visit her in Boston every weekend.

Pia, could you come in here, please?

I don't think I've ever been this close to falling in love.

Working so long on the graveyard shift made his health suffer badly.

I know what you're looking for.

I think I'm starting to understand.

This guy is a bandit.

Hui was just about to go out when the phone rang.

Huashi and Geoff are sorry they cannot attend.

What's the whole story?

How long have you been using this toothbrush?

I finally stopped trying to persuade Srivatsan to clean his room.

Think about your future.

I'm working in Boston now.

The life of a person is a transient thing.

It's easy to work in jeans.

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Did he ask you to spy on me?


England imports Spanish produce.

I hear Dalton was the one who taught you how to play the cello.

However tired you may be, you must finish that work today.

While surveying the sky in microwave wavelengths, COBE has transmitted evidence which supports the Big Bang Theory of the creation of the universe.

Morris thinks Jill is beautiful.

Is Alain a Canadian citizen?

There is a path through the fields.


Let me stay here with you.

In fact, I don't think that was Ricardo.

Andrew has a sweet tooth.

He refuses to believe us.

He gave up hope.

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My dog's name is Belysh. This summer I taught him to put out his paw. Every morning I wake up early and feed him. Then we go for a walk. He defends me from other dogs. When I go bike riding, he runs beside me. He has a friend, her name is Chernyshka. He likes playing with her. Belysh is a very kind and clever dog.

He will get well very soon.

What kind of music do you play?


When it comes to atoms, language can be used only as in poetry. The poet, too, is not nearly so concerned with describing facts as with creating images and establishing mental connections.

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We pitted cherries for the pie.


Hon and Dwight were both ambitious.


I intend to give this to him.


You're highly intelligent.

I want you to tell me about your trip.

I ate curry yesterday.

A committee should apply the focus to the more concrete problem.

Don't pay any attention to the boss.

We've got a boat.

Why have you written this book on the system of the universe, and have never even mentioned its Creator?

They went to Tottori.

Sanand drives to work.

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Can you make yourselves understood in English?

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We've never been there.


Can you help us find them?

We seek happiness.

The bus will arrive within ten minutes.

He had to tell his readers what happened.

It is a wise father that knows his own child.

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Can you believe what he said?

Will you go?

Any amount of money will do.


I can't attend the meeting.

With his mother very sick and a tight deadline at work, Elliot has a lot on his plate at the moment.

I want her kept away from here.

We have strict rules.

Happy birthday to your husband!