May I sleep on the couch?


Work and pray, live on hay; you'll get pie in the sky when you die.

I no longer remember Leonard's smile.

Did you come to town?

I wish I'd never gotten involved with you.

I thought it was pretty obvious.


What did she do to you?

I don't know how much longer I can put up with this.

You know exactly what he's talking about.


I don't know why, exactly.

We advised them to start early.

This is the last train.

You said you'd get something to eat.

Now that you are 18 years old, you should not do such a thing.


Everyone gathered around them.

I'm going to go and see a film. Wanna come?

I have to say goodnight to Seenu.


She listened to me.


I can't beat Sherman at chess.

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We're glad you're back.


There's no secret plan.


It tastes like tea.

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The bear bites itself.

I applied for a summer internship.

You look good dressed like this.

Losing the way, he chose the road at random.

The boss ordered us to work from morning till night.

This building is very narrow.

John, who was notably thin, made an effort to find a job that would pay his rent.

Oy, why do you hit me?!

Agatha blames us.

Apparently, that's not correct.

Sir doesn't really care what Tanaka does.


Not even Isaac could tell the difference.

Vilhelm really likes Chopin.

I found Saad's comments interesting.

I didn't teach him right.

You must make allowance for his lack of experience.

Your house is very modern.

We agreed among ourselves.

Would you like to come in for a drink?

Man is the only animal that talks.

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Jane didn't know that Pedro was married.

Nhan objected to being treated like a child.

She had two children by him.

Manny is going to try it again.

I don't have any problem with that.

Patrick is addicted to Coke, but he doesn't like Pepsi.

Why don't you turn it off?

I like his new house, but I had not expected it to be so small.

Come to think of it, it has been raining for a week.

Her skin was just as white as snow, but her teeth as yellow as a daffodil.

I'm a people person.


He as good as called me a liar.

She greeted me with a big smile.

The dyer wears white.

The police regarded him as a party to the crime.

Our teacher sometimes speaks quickly.

He seems like a nitpicker.

We should get out of the house.

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I think that this is a sunny spot.

Ernie was standing by the door.

He came out with an angry face.

You've made me what I am.

Why don't you email me?

I didn't warn you.

Nelken is a college student.


Panzer can't stand being around Juri.

Money doesn't always count for much in human relationships.

I made motions at him to come here with my hand.


Oh, but that is a mundane matter!


Taking trips is a lot of fun.

Where do I sign?

That dog stinks!

I don't care for coffee.

She spends most of her income on books.

The cook is barbecuing the chicken meat.

I understand Sanford's position.

We all quit.

I found it impossible to lift the box.

It's an indie movie.

How do you say that in German?

A biodiversity sanctuary in Brazil called The Pantanal is threatened by deforestation.

How did Sam get into a fight?

Did you actually see Fred doing that?

I knew it would happen sooner or later.


I am very grateful to you for what you've done for my family.

Excuse me, may I borrow a pen?

There's so much to say.

There is nothing for it but to wait and see.

Takeuchi tried to smile.

He was right the first time.

Do you feel resentment towards your parents?

Pierce nodded politely.

He seems satisfied with my explanation.

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I'd rather be here than in Boston.


Kit was once a very good friend to me.

She spoke only German.

My husband is the jealous type.

I got this typewriter at a bargain price.

You're not the only one with a job.

You are saying you intentionally hide your good looks?

We enjoy reading novels.

We got scratched up.

She advised him to see the dentist, but he said that he didn't have enough time to do so.

Yay! We're gonna win!

Be sure to come at 3.

How did you learn about that news?

The children have everything they need.

Bryce called Micheal a liar.

I love my independence.

I'm the captain.

Ravindranath got a letter from Santa Claus.

It's snowing in Paris.

Lindsey wanted to be an opera singer.

I'd rather not talk about it anymore.

Did you learn to speak French when you were a child?

I think we did very well.

There's nothing you can say that'll change my mind.


Jisheng vanished into the darkness.

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Are you confused yet?

Marie prepared her own meal.

Mah says he has no idea who Gretchen is.

My car was broken into.

Matti suffered from depression.

Shut that door and be quick about it.

A whale is a sort of mammal.

Tomorrow morning, we will regroup at 8 o'clock, don't be late.

After her husband's death, she brought up the two children all by herself.

I added one.

I would like to visit Egypt, one day.

Can you make it go any faster?

My grandfather was a farmer.


This is the first time I've ever given an example.


Is Seth available now?

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How do you want me to fix this phone without knowing what's wrong with it?


Ninja had a chance to travel to Boston.

I am surprised to see you here in this hotel.

Put the dough in the refrigerator overnight.


After we had finished that, we ate lunch.

I have something else I want you to do for me.

He's gonna get axed.

Is that you, Rex?

I'm terribly sorry!

We're quite fond of them.

Ravi ate the whole pizza by himself.


How much money do we owe them?


It looks like we've gotten ourselves lost.

The coward is the first to raise his fist.

Show us your bruise.

Tell me the time when you will come.

There was a row of about 20 stalls at the fair.

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He translated promise into actions.

He entered the national high school boxing championship competition.

Tantalum is a chemical element of the symbol Ta.

The index rose 4% from the preceding month.

Plato dies, which follows logically because he is human.

We've got a long night ahead of us.

Before we get started, are there any questions?

Ricky may be working late.

Page and Socorrito wanted to get married on the quiet to avoid all the hullabaloo.

Here is an example.

If I'd taken that plane, I wouldn't be alive now.


How about going fishing with me?

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Guillermo thought that Sanford was happy.

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Elwood, wake up. It's me.