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Desert Dart League
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Desert Darts League

Welcome to the Desert Dart League!

Desert Dart is an ADO sanctioned steel tip dart league that meets on Wednesday nights for membership competition team play. Desert Dart is a relaxed but competitive dart league.

The league sponsors a Spring Season and a Fall Season with summers left open for tournament and ‘Blind Draw’ play. All players are welcome to join the league, make new friends, and play some friendly darts. Grab your darts and come join the competition!

For more information on Desert Dart League contact:

Bill - Information Coordinator

League Play

Desert Dart plays by the sanctioned ADO dart rules with ‘Chicago Style’ matches consisting of Cricket, 301, and 501 games with a best 2 out of 3 competition. Each leg or game won scores the team one point.

Teams play at various sponsored meeting places and consist of 3 or more players. Each team match consists of 3 Individual games, 3 double games, and a team game. The team with the most points at the end of the evening wins the total match.

Link to ADO Link to Scottsdale Darts Association Link to Arizona Federation of Darts Associations

League Calendar

** NOTICE **

State Qualifiers
Wednesday in January

Jan 7,14 Qualifiers at Jesters
Jan 21, 28 at Tailgate.

State Shoot out in Phoenix (TBD)
Current Standings
Team Points
Negotiators 123
Dammit Bob 97
Kt's Crew 90
4 The Funk Of It 89
Double Vision 63
Shooters 119
Stray Trippen 102
Hatrick Swayzee 98
Dart Busters 96
What's the Point 37
Week 16 Silver Scores
Stray 13-What's 0
Hatrick 7-Shooters 7
Busters Bye
Week 16 Gold Scores
Kt's 13-The Funk 0
Negotiators 12-Double 5
Dammit Bob BYE
Week 15-16 High Fliers
Ray A 140
AJ DeBano 7ct,140, 100 ON
Bill E 4-7ct, 2-140
Curtis 118 ON, 7ct
Bobby H 134, 120 ON
Randy R 7ct
Don S 140
Randy R 7ct, 140
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