Camp Cyber Zone

Piano lessons, Basketball camp, Math tutoring, it seems that every where we turn parents are trying to give their young adults and edge trying to help them get ahead and prepare them for the future.

Futureproof Education

Now what if there was a way of guaranteeing your young adults a leg up, a way of giving them the skills necessary to be advantaged in every job they ever have and if they want giving them a path to a full time stable and quickly growing career.
Would you want that?
How would you feel about a camp that gives kids the ability to create and learn, to think creatively and logically at the same time, that helps them develop skills necessary for survival in the 21st century workplace while still giving them the freedom to enjoy their teenage years and have fun?
Would you be interested in that?

Introducing Camp Cyber Zone

That camp is now here.

At Camp Cyber Zone, we teach students fundamental technology and development skills that will give them an advantage they can apply in any area of their life. Camp Cyber Zone, or CCZ offers classes that will teach students the core technologies underlying the web and give them hands on instruction and practice necessary to help them gain real world web development skills. CCZ aims to provide a future-proof education that will help students prepare for a rapidly changing world.

Read on to see what CCZ can do for your family:

For Parents and Sponsors

You want what’s best for your kids, you want them to be successful you want them to have a bright future. You want them to be productive members of society and make good decisions. So why should you be interested in CCZ?

Stable Job Outlook
Between the rise of automation and the growth in availability of oversea labor, the American economy is undergoing revolutionary changes and many of these changes are leading to declining stable career opportunities for many traditional areas of the American labor market. One field that stands out in stark contrast to these declining opportunities is IT. In 2017 Linkedin published a list of the fastest growing, highest paying jobs in America right  now, of the 20 listed 12 were in the field of Information Technology.
Educational & Scholarship Opportunities
Right now many corporations are facing a shortage of qualified STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) workers. As a result there is a large amount of money both governmental and private being handed out to individuals who are perusing STEM majors and careers.
Develop Reasoning and Critical Thinking Skills
Steve Jobs once said “Everybody in this country should learn to program because it teaches you how to think.” As the future becomes more and more uncertain and the world continues to move faster the demand for individuals who can reasons about and solve problems logically will continue to be a matter or increasing importance and those who develop these skills will be able to lead their future. CCZ will help introduce students to a topic that will force them to develop logical reasoning and strategic thinking as a nature of the medium they will work with.

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For Young Adults

You have school, homework, family, friends and so many other things to balance in your life. You’re trying to decide what to do about college and your future and everyone in your life seems to be telling you what to do. You want to show who you are, you want to stand out and start making your own destiny. CCZ will help you do it.

Express Yourself
Everyone can get a Facebook page or a Twitter, but how much more impressive is it to build your own website entirely from scratch? At Camp Cyber Zone you will learn the skills and be given the tools to really stand out and let the world know who you are and what you are about.
You Don’t Have to Be A Super Genius
Many people still labor under the impression that computers are only for geniuses and people that have a 4.0, nothing could be further from the truth. Programming and coding skills can be learned by anyone willing to take the time to learn some simple rules. In order to snowboard you have to start by learning some basic things, then once you do that you have unlimited opportunity the same is true for computer programming.
It Sets you Apart
This world is very competitive and it is getting more so everyday the skills you can learn at CCZ can help be foundational in setting you apart from the crowd and helping you stand out, it helps show you can master complex subjects and use those skills to produce real results in your life and in the lives of others.
It Paves the Way for a Lucrative and Successful Career
People who have web development skills are in high demand right now in every area of life, from building apps to working with the FBI people who understand how to build things on the web are needed. Freelance web developers can charge anywhere from $40-$100 an hour for building websites and working with clients. So even if you don’t want to make a career out of technology you can still use it to pay your way through college, or just pick up a little date money.

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Extras You Get

Camp Cyber Zone is dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for students and ensuring that parents who invest in their children’s future with CCZ will get the return on investment they deserve. To compliment our expert instruction and world class course content we also provide the following perks to each student who attends Camp Cyber Zone.

  1. A meal and snacks each day: We understand that many teenagers strike fear into the hearts of all you can eat buffets and so we provide snacks and a meal for the students each day giving you one less thing to worry about.
  2. Personalized T-Shirt Every student gets a personalized t-shirt to show off to their friends and family.
  3. A personal website for a year: Every student who completes their final project will be rewarded with a year of free web hosting and their own custom domain provided for by CCZ, so they can continue to develop their talents.
  4. Laptop Rentals: If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on purchasing a laptop just for your young adult to use for twelve hours we’ve got you covered Camp Cyber Zone has laptops that students can rent during class freeing you from the hassle and risk of bringing a computer to and from class each day.
  5. Certificate of Completion: Each student who successfully passes the entire CCZ course will receive a certificate of completion indicating that they have an understanding of and can demonstrate familiarity with, foundational web development technologies.
  6. Pizza Party: at the end of the course every student and their parents are invited to attend a pizza party and awards ceremony where the students are given the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned and receive awards for their achievements as well as participate in a “cheese-pocolypse”.

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When & Where

Camp Cyber Zone is hosted in 6, 2 hour sessions over the course of 2 weeks. Classes are held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning of each week from 8:30AM-10:30AM. To augment classroom learning students will also be provided with resources and suggestions on how to continue practicing their skills outside our limited instruction period each week, and students are expected to continued their work outside of instructional hours.

Currently Scheduled Classes

Class: Web Development Fundamentals Limited Pilot
When: July 17th-28th
Where: 2992 E Saddle Rock Rd Eagle Mountain Utah
Number of Students: 5
Details: This course will introduce students will help students go through the steps of building and developing a personal website and giving them experience with the foundational technologies of the internet. Students will learn and practice HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This first limited pilot will be the initial offering of Camp Cyber Zone and will be limited to 5 students. Due to it being the pilot course offering this class will be discounted at 29% of normal price.

Class: Web Development Fundamentals
When: July 31st-August 10th
Where: 2992 E Saddle Rock Rd. Eagle Mountain Utah
Number of Students: 10
Details: This course will introduce students will help students go through the steps of building and developing a personal website and giving them experience with the foundational technologies of the internet. Students will learn and practice HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This event has an early registration discount with everyone who applies before midnight July 4th receiving 15% off regular price.

At this present time this is all courses that are scheduled to occur. More may be scheduled depending on interest and number of applications received

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