You like to hurt to the people.

A child not wanting to go to school can be a sign that it's being bullied.

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She's hiding something from you.

Only four horses participated in the competition.

You're much faster than I am.


I'm Polish.

Kari bought some of the potatoes that Ravi was selling.

Lindsay could be alone.

Do you want to study with me?

Willie can't help move the piano because he has a bad back.


The beauty of the sunrise was beyond description.

He came back two days after.

They deserve what they get.

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That's a felony.

The population of this village had decreased.

You should bear that in mind.

Why do you lie for her?

He taunted me, but I didn't take the bait.

I'm very angry with them.

Everybody was excited by the news.


In the automotive industry of the 1970's, Japan beat the U.S. at its own game.

You'll be lucky to find something to eat around here.

She likes all kinds of sports.

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Raghu was clearly shocked.

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His lips brushed against mine.


Helen is a brave person.

What was she doing when she made that blunder?

What do you know about cloning?

I awoke one morning and found myself famous.

I have found this website to be extremely useful.

Can you spare me a few minutes? I need your help.

Did you see a doctor?


If you telephone her again, that'll be the last straw!

Almost everything has been improved.

Are your feet cold?

I want children.

Miles loved the song even though the lyrics were in a language he didn't understand.


Good night, Miss.

I'm not usually in the office on Mondays.

Mara may need our help.

Sidney started playing rugby three years ago.

I was so wrong about them.


I like environmentalism, but not environmentalists.

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A computer is a wonderful thing.


I think I believe her.

I'm in the bathroom because I'm washing my hands.

There's a theory that dog owners often resemble their dogs.


Brendan says he always told Case the truth.

Bring an umbrella without forgetting.

Dan reached for his weapon.


Nicolette is trying to act casual.


They are apprehensive that some further disaster might occur.

Roulette is a game of chance.

I became intrigued.

All the people who had been condemned were killed.

This year, my Grade-Point Average is better than yours!

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Klaus treats his employees generously.

The American economy was stronger than ever.

The coffee's on me.

Dory wanted a place in the country he could call home.

Take me with you on the next trip.

Don't bother me now.

Klaus said he wished to speak to you himself.

That's a bodge job.

What they did was incredible.

Franklin was very supportive.

I'm sorry, I do not understand. Can you repeat it a little slower?


These were his last words. He closed his eyes, opened his mouth, stretched out his legs, and hung there, as if he were dead.

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He had an oral exam.

Should I close?

I'm not going to Boston.

It is a ragbag of ideas.

How long will you remain in London?

We're way behind.

Kevan never seems to know what to say.

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I'd like to work this out.

I got here a little early.

Daddy, let's make faces at each other and see who can keep from laughing the longest.


Affirmative, sir.

She told her son to behave himself at home.

This nation's economy is growing by leaps and bounds in recent years.


I opened the windows to remove the damp from the room.

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Let me fix that.


I see no need to tell Phiroze.

I should've explained it better.

I can sit anywhere, right?


She bought vegetables yesterday.

Wait a minute. I want to tell you something.

Valeria does not like cheese.

After that day I ceased to be capable of genuine heartfelt concern.

I am allergic to analgesics.

Mike is puzzled.

What a tall tree this is!

I'll come visit you at your house tomorrow.

He did not go out, he sat down.


His efforts are to be highly praised.

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He insured himself for a rainy day.

I decided to major in French in college.

What is the diagnosis?

His dog barks at me.

Mark should've already discussed that with you.

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She was pleased by the new robe.

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I've never met him.

Does he know how she feels about him?

A light rain was falling.


He is very progressive, not to say radical.

It's not an exaggeration to state that he is a genius.

Skip packed his things and left.

I don't like what happened.

I don't want you offering my girlfriend dating advice.

Many trees were blown down by the storm.

Charley doesn't usually eat dessert.


How long have you been in Brasilia?

Tell us where Loukas is.

Did Hal ever mention Miek?


We have recently discussed this problem.

I like the fresh air.

I was going to go to Boston next week, but I've changed my mind.

I'm not a big fan of these sorts of things.

Dan will be with aunt Linda tomorrow.

You did say that.

It wouldn't hurt to tell her.

I want them to stop.

The court ordered her to pay the fine.


I wish that my parents hadn't told me that I was an accident.

I'll visit you sometime in the near future.

This book is very good except for a few mistakes.

Some scenes from the movie were recorded in Leblon Beach.

Konstantinos asked me if I had slept well.

Japan, for the most part, is a good place to live.

Matthew wants to spend more time with his family.

I'll bet you can't guess what happened to me today.

Everybody claps.

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He's so annoying!


I've got no secrets from her.

Rand died three weeks later.

I've never met anyone like Matthieu.

Yesterday was Tuesday, 2010, January the 26th.

To live alone is the fate of all great souls.

I got what you wanted.

I used a knife to cut the cake.

Do you mind if I turn off the AC?

I'm not at all busy.

I hope you are not catching a cold.

Oh, so you think you're a tough guy, huh?

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I can't make it this time.

My family is an old one.

Orville has been working here more than three years.

I consider him my enemy.

He made breakfast.

"Carl knows." "He does? Did you tell him?" "No, he found out by himself."

Do you mind my sitting next to you?

Laurence sometimes reads in bed.

Are you having any difficulty breathing?

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Have you ever heard her play the piano?

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Do you want me to count these?

The reason for my silence is there was nothing special to write about.

While they were all amusing themselves, a great sledge came by; it was painted white, and in it sat some one wrapped in a rough white fur, and wearing a white cap.

I want to learn how to snowboard.

What did the note say?

The graduation ceremony will take place on March 20th.

This is something special.